I'm 31 years old, Bi, and have the 'forever youthful gene'; meaning I've looked and sounded 16 since I was 16.
Personality type INFP on the MBTI test.

I'm 5'2" have blue-grey eyes and auburn currently dark violet hair. In person I'm usually very quiet unless I'm in a great mood, then I goof around and might even start to sing aloud. I'm still very shy though and stumble around on my words when I'm nervous. I am definitely more chatty online than in person, unless I'm having a 'blah' day.

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I spend most of my free time playing video games, watching anime, and listening to music. I read an occasional paranormal fantasy (romance) or sci-fi book and if I can really convince myself I'll do art stuff. I'm pretty much trying to hone my art skills at the moment and develop an art style, I mostly enjoy drawing animals, anthros, and fanart and am in love with wolves/werewolves.

I'm on Discord: Noct #6041

Fire Emblem Heroes: 0797297292

I obsess unhealthily over Fire Emblem ( I support Chrobin heart ).
I also play Pokemon, SSB 4, Ace Attorney, Mass Effect ( Fem Shep x Liara heart ), The Legend of Zelda, Suikoden, etc.

Currently playing: SSB 4 / Pokemon Moon

Currently watching: My Hero Academia season 2 on hiatus

Currently listening to: anything by Adrian Von Ziegler, BrunuhVille, and Gunship