My name is Alena. I am 21.
I like everything.
Not picky.
I can be very bubbly,
but I have an emo side.
I'm just an average girl.
My myspace really tells a lot more about me.
So yea.
I'm basically an "if you want to know, ask" type person.


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Legit Cancer

Report | 01/23/2009 2:41 pm

Legit Cancer

I will give you 6k for gothic veil.

If you turn down my asking it is alright.

Legit Cancer

Report | 01/23/2009 2:33 pm

Legit Cancer

May i ask of something?
Legit Cancer

Report | 01/23/2009 2:16 pm

Legit Cancer

Well,it depends if you have the item i want or not.

Do you have lunar scythe?

Or gothic veil?
Legit Cancer

Report | 01/22/2009 12:01 pm

Legit Cancer

is it okay if i make a deal with you?

Report | 01/21/2009 11:09 pm


your welcome and I should be thanking you for having the best deal on what I needed for a gift.

Report | 01/21/2009 6:58 pm


lol no problem User Image
Xiang Yin

Report | 01/21/2009 12:25 pm

Xiang Yin

welcome! ^_^ ^^

Report | 01/20/2009 12:04 pm


Your welcome!
Gracie Loff

Report | 12/19/2008 12:28 am

Gracie Loff

I'll be good and wait till the 25th to open it.. but thank you. D:

-twirls, and proceeds to plot on what to return the gesture with-
Kyoko Moweena

Report | 12/17/2008 12:12 pm

Kyoko Moweena

you are very welcome and merry Christmas to u! =^.^=


Bumping for you
is all I can do.
Until my final days,
you shall see me
bumping away!

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