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hey my name is stephanie, i'm married, i turn
73OO days old on august 18th and i have a son.
i love to read comic books and watch super hero cartoons.
juice boxes are kinda my thing, don't hate.
i’m a sea farer. lol. i live on the beach.

i made my profile myself but i don't
make them for others, not that i'm being stingy,
i just don't know how. i work off of pictures and
other crap that gaia lets you do. B)

i've been on gaia for seven years in october,
not sure if that makes me 'cool' or just lame for not having
a life. i do have a life, but i'm a stay at home momma so i
have plenty of time to mess around on the computer.

i used to have tons of friends and crap before i
quit gaia for a few years back in 'O7 and i'm trying to slowly
regain everything back, starting with friends.
i love to donate, but don't ask, good things come to those
who deserve it.

television shows i like include;
house, csi, law and order, bones, the office,
steve wilkos show, jeremy kyle show, dr. phil,
teen mom, teen mom 2, sixteen and pregnant, jersey shore,
pretty little liars,

switced at birth, secret life
of an american teenager, the avengers series, how
i met your mother, old adventures of new christine,
all of the court shows that come on tv,
lets make a deal, anything on food network,

that show with guy
where you win lots of money for stacking apples
and crap, home make over shows.
all of the diy shows, say yes to the dress,
pretty much everything that comes on TLC.

movies i like include;
finding nemo, harry potter series, twilight series,
brother bear 1 and 2, cars, bambi, the lion king,
kiss the girls, this one movie about a magician that
used tesla coils to make a cloning machine to fool everyone,

rio, hangover, all of the disney movies, monster's inc,
pretty much all of the pixar movies, SOME scary movies
but i'm a whimp so i cover my eyes most of the time,
toy story 1, 2, and 3, bugs life, ants, madagascar, signs.

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registered: october, 26th 2OO5

occupation: momma

location: brunswic, ga

birthday: august, 18th, 1992