Signs of a Lunatic

I was told a long time ago that I was crazy. I'd like to say that it's not true. I'm completely and utterly insane. Getting along with me shouldn't be too hard, as long as your ok with my horrible sense of humor. I mean it truly is horrible. I joke about dead things a lot. But if you can somehow manage to shake it off I'm apparently a really fun person to know. Shows what they know. Knowing I like you is just about as hard as telling the difference between a rat and a squirrel with a shaved tail. The more I dislike you, the nicer and quieter I am. The better I like you, the more miserable your life becomes ^^. My beliefs can be sometimes very controversial. I believe the chicken came before the egg. And the chicken enslaved human kind and made us believe that humans were on top when truly we are the ones who have been domesticated.
Don't tell the chickens.
I enjoy the taste of strait vinegar, blood, and the salty tears of my rival as I crush them into the ground! Muahahahahahahahah- and bunnies. I like bunnies. (They taste so good)