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A quiz result I got on quizilla.

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You are a very well known ninja, for your strenths are very well known. you exceeded jounin at the younge age of 9, and soon became the anbu black ops leader, along with itachi. You were always a nice, outgoing girl, but didnt back down, or take any crap from anyone. Alot of the guys are your friends, and alot of the also like you.

YOUR BOYFRIENDS-Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Kankuro, Gaara of the Sand, Deidara, Hidan, Shikamaru Nara, Neji Hyuuga, and those are the ones, that are your bestfriends were there is a huge chance they will be your boyfriends!

YOUR BESTFRIENDS-TenTen, Temari, Gaara of the Sand, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Kankuro, Shikamaru Nara, Deidare, Hidan, And Naruto Uzumaki.

NARUTO UZUMAKI-wow, she is so cool! we are really good friends, and we have fun together all the time! i also think it is really cool, that she isnt a sasuke fangirl, but is close friends to him. i guess thats ok. i would really like to be more than friends, though.

SASUKE UCHIHA-she is a strong shinobi, and a beautiful person. she doesnt follow me around like a little puppy, and actually listens to me when i have to talk. her past is the same as mine. we always spar, and she ends up the victor almost all the time, but thats just fine with me. she hates sakura to, witch actually makes me really happy. i always get strange feelings around her...i think i love her...

SHINO ABURAME-she is a very outgoing person, and interesting. we talk, and she acutally likes my bugs. she isnt scared at them at all. to bad that uchiha is there or..

NEJI HYUUGA-damn that uchiha! she should be with more, and not him! she is a wonderful, and beautiful person, she is also a strong shinobi, and she will do great, and i mean great things in life. she always has something to talk about, and i can talk to her about my problems about the main branch.

CHOJI AKIMICHI-WOW! she is really nice, and she always gives me chips. one day i was sick, and she fed and cooked me anything i wanted! it was heaven!

KIBA INUZUKA-wow, she is....i cant explain. shes just so awesome, and loves akamaru to death! she helped him when he was really sick, even though she didnt have to. shes always there for me, and every body else.

AKAMARU-*woof* i love her so much! she is so nice to me, and can understand what i say, so i can speak to her. we have good conversations.

KANKURO-she is the definition of HOT and is so awesome! i would love to be her boyfriend, but there is so much compitition, that i think i would be killed, or something, and its even worse that gaara also has a big thing for her!

GAARA OF THE SAND-she is a wonderful person, and even when she found out what was inside of me, she found it interesting, and still wanted to be my friend. i can talk to her like normal, and she makes me smile. we watch the moon together at night, and she lets me watch her sleep. we have alot in common. she....i can feel love now because of her. i love her, and i will never let anyone hurt her.

ROCKLEE-she is a wonderful person, and is even better then sakura alot of them time! she has so much youth in her, it is not even funny. i think she is so cool. she turned down my request to be her boyfriend, because she said she wasnt ready for that, but she said we can still be good friends!

SHIKAMARU NARA-she is really cool, and is not trouble some like the other girls. she listens to me, and loves to watch the clouds with me, and she is also very smart.

KABUTO-i am very intrested in her, if you know what i mean.(woah!)i would have her if only the uchihas, and orochimaru werent in the way of it.

OROCHIMARU-she is a great shinobi. i could use her to get to sasuke, but she might kill me first. i wonder if she would want to join me....

DOSU-i am very intrested in her, and feel strange things to her also....orochimaru also has a intrest in her to..

ZAKU-wow she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to get my hand on her....!

KISAME HOSHIGAKI-she almost killed me, but spared my life... i wonder if itachi is intrested in her....hes seems to know he well.

ITACHI UCHIHA-she stayed with us, when we were younger. i grew a... a great bond towards her, but sasuke seemed to get in the way alot of the time, when i wanted to talk to her. i would never hurt her. she is beatiful, and strong shinobi, open minded, and is so kind, and outgoing. She almost beat me once.i love her, and nobody will stand in my way, or i will kill them. *glares at sasuke, and gaara*

HIDAN-i fought her, and wished she would kill me. she was so strong. f i wasnt immortal she would of killed me so quickly...that would of been great. *sigh* such a wonderful women...

KAKUZU-very strong indeed, and i wouldnt be surprised if she joined the akatsuki. i wouldnt mind if she was my parter. *thinks dirty thoughts*

DEIDARA-oooooh! she is so hot! i wish she was mine, un. she is such a artistic person to. she told me my way of ninja style, was grand! un.

SASORI-wants you to join the akatsuki, because hes says 'she would relive my pain and sorrow from my heart.'

ZETZU-both sides- a grand fighter that i would love to fight aganist.

TOBI-shes a good girl, just like tobi, and a real strong person. me like her. ^-^

SANDAIME(third hokage)-she is a wonderful student, and is so openminded, and kind to others, no matter what the sitution. she could be the hokage quickly at a young age if she wanted to. i see her going VERY far in her life, and acclomplishing alot of things, to.

KAKASHI HATAKE-one of my best students. she is a wonderful girl, and gets naruto and sasuke to stop argueing so much, so they dont get on my nerves as often, but sakura doesnt seem to like her much, but i can see that. XD


ASUMA SARUTOBI-she is a great student, and she exels in things very quickly, for a girl her age. i see a strong future for her.

JIRAIYA-i want to do some research on her, because she is so hot among the boys everywere! -_-(not again...)


HAKU- she was a great girl, that understood my pain. i would talk to her when noone was around. she gave me a great reason to be happy.

ZABUZA MOMOCHI-a very strong one of kakashis indeed. i would like to face her, but, in truth, i also fear death from her.

YOUR PAST-when you were younger your family was very strong, and known in the leaf village. your bestfriend, aizen, killed the clan except for you, when you were 5 years old. he said he cared for you alot, but you were so mad, and scared that you drove him off. he still loves you though, and visits you while you sleep. you then went to the uchiha compound a couple weeks later, and soon befriend itachi, and sasuke. itachi seemed to care for you alot, and so did sasuke. when itachi killed the clan, he said he loved you, and would be back for you some day.

YOUR FUTURE-you become a sannin, and one of the best ninjas of the world. you learned every jutsu, and you also having elemental powers, were stronger. sasuke ended up telling you how he felt, a little before he left with orochimaru, and you kissed eachother. you fell in love with sasuke, as he was with you. 2 1/2 years later, when you are 15, you meet sasuke again. you then stay with him, even though you knew you were leaving everything behind, but you told naruto, not to tell anyone who you were really with, and he agreed, because he cared for you much. so while everyone wondered were you were, naruto told them you were journeying.

Fav guys

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Heartless boy.

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Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm 14 almost 15. I'm scott-irish and nice, but I have a short temper.

My naruto RPC

No_Place_For_Me's avatar

Thoughts about the Naruto characters.

Naruto : Hyperactive, but I still think he's sweet.
Sasuke : Thank god he has common sense.
Sakura : Highly annoying and prepy.

Shikamaru : He's good to hang around at times.
Choji : I call him squishy.^_^
Ino : Same thing as Sakura.

Kiba : He's awesome! >w<
Hinata : She's shy like me. And a veary nice person.^^
Shino : He's ok I guess.

Lee : He's funny when he's drunk, also a veary good friend.
Tenten : I dont think too much of her.
Neji : He's way too obsessed with destiny.

Gaara : I think he's nice.^^
Temari : I dont pay much attention to her.
Kankuro : He's cool, I like his puppets too.

Kakashi : He's awesome but perverted.-.-
Iruka : He's realy nice.=^_^=
Gai : O.O *backs away slowly*
Tsunade : I dont like her for some reason.
Kurenai : Eh...
Asuma : He's cool I guess.
Juraiya : -.-*

Itachi : er,...no
Kisame : YaY! Sharkie!=^_^=
Deidara : He's so cool!
Tobi : OMG he's adorable! *hugs
Zetsu : Dont know much.
Hidan : Dont know much.
Pein : Dont know much.

I love chocobos!! ^_^

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