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This is dedicated to stories and poems Ive written, and basically my own little outlet.

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No One No Thing King

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Registered: 09/06/2005

Gender: Male

Location: Where the wind blows and the wings fly

Birthday: 06/18/1986

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I am Hedgie, the worlds greatest hybrid. The full name goes Dhanus Hedgie Stylez. Friends call me Hedgie, closer friends are allowed to call me Dhanus. That is the name you will know, unless you know the real me. Few do, and even fewer will.

I live in the greatest city ever, tho also the worst.

I have a fascination with everything around me. There is always good where you look, if you look hard enough.

I believe no one is truly all good/evil. The world is in shades of grey, not black and white. Good always has a streak of evil, and vice versa.

If you see my avatar, notice a few things. I usually will always have a tail, most of the time the tail of my zodiac, Tora. And I will usually always have this black/white mask on. Exceptions to this rule are, of course, around. Such as when I go holiday themed, or the like.

I am like the mask I usually wear, and proud of it. Dark some days, Light others. Cant deal with that? Tough.

I am a fun loving king of guy, honestly. Id give yah the shirt off my back if I could. Because all good deeds deserve another, you know? Karma is the way of living.

I believe in higher dieties, and that all things were at one time one. I seek to reunite it all so a utopia is restored.

I am an artist. Obvious from my profile, heh. My style is my concern, and I am always improving. So if you want something done, drop me a line and we can talk. I charge by the pic, but nothing to extravagent.

I believe what I want, and I will live as such. If my entire life is like a tree, then I want those around me who shall help keep me firm and planted. The roots in my life. If you arent a root, youre a leaf. You come and go, but there will always be new leaves. So, if youre a leaf, do yourself a favor, and dont try to get close to me. Ive had to many roots that turned out to be leaves because of misunderstandings, mainly on my own behalf. So, Im trying to be more selective of my roots. And if youre a root, I still talk to you, youre my friend. I dont even acknowledge leaves.

I have kept myself with the small title of Hybridian King. Why? Because Im the w.g.h. and I can do that.

Growing up, I idolized the King of Pop, and wanted to be just like him. So, fair warning, if you come at me talkin s**t and lies about him, I will find nothing stopping me from tearing you a new one. I loved him the same way I would love the closest member of my family. Hell, to me, he was my family. Twice he saved my life. R.I.P. my liege. You helped me through good and bad times thru my life, and even as you sleep, you continue to help me. Ill make it a staple that all my future generations know of the angel Father sent to earth for a time, before calling you back. I hope youre finally happy, they could finally Leave You Alone. Michael Joseph Jackson, Greatest Entertainer For All Time 1958-2009

I have nothin but love for my friends. But just cause I call you sweetie, deary, love, etc. doesnt mean Im in love with you. If I tell yah 'I Love You' doesnt mean I want you as my life partner. I love all my friends. But if I dont directly say 'be with me' dont take it the wrong way. Im an alte dom, so just throwin that out there.

I am a Sonic Enthusiast. I love everything about Sonic, cant name a game I hate. So just know, Sonic is one of my main sets in rp, in drawing, and in general. Not that it will focus solely on the Sonic world, but Sonic will have some level of influence in all I do, nearly all the time.

I love the show Supernatural. Like, I could sit and watch it for hours on end. The perfect mix of comedy, drama, horror, romance, and plain old fashioned good writing. And Im stoked they got renewed for a 6th season -squee- ^^

The last airbender is the awesomeness. Perfect example of being a hybrid. Aang ftw, air is the greatest of all the elements. The only unstoppable element [ seriously. Water freezes, Earth is stagnant, Fire dies without oxygen which the wind carries ].

I dont always get really mad, but when I do, best not to cross me. Times like that, the gemini in me shows forth, and Ill have no problem slitting your ******** throat, and hanging your intestinal lining out to dry before wearing it on my feet. Then shoving said feet up your a** and wearing you like a shoe. So, dont piss me off to that level. And if I am at that level, dont make it worse.

Thanks to certain people who wont be named [ oh, but they know who they are, the wankers ] Ive been able to master the ability to put oneself into emotional limbo. So if I come off as cold, heartless, emotionless... Well... Thats because I am. Talking with no emotional backing, and calculating reasoning can make someone think youre an a*****e. Youre not, youre just telling the truth, and they happen to be to p***y to take it. I wont always remain in that state, only until whatever was threatening my heart has vanished.

I have welcomed the loving embrace of darkness once again ^^ It feels sooooo good to be home. But dont get it twisted, Im still hybrid, down to my core. However, VERY few people get to see my light, loving, caring side. The rest? Emotionless dark side. Rejoice, and love the new Hybridian King!

Ive grown tired of users, manipulators, cheaters and the like being around me. So, if youre one of those types, then stay the ******** away from me. Ive had it with you all. I dont want to associate with those who hurt the hearts of others without nary a care. ******** all of you like that. If youre not like that, then this isnt for you. And that especially goes for two faced chicks who act like your friends one day, then up and delete you, or ignore you for no reason the next. ******** anyone like this, and burn with every STD known to man. People like you are not ******** worth existing, let alone acknowledging as fellow human beings.

The king is also a ninja, WOOYA! Ninja form belongs to Steph Steph and The Fuhrer. Wooya.

Been a long time since an update, but life is how it is, eh? Anything you wanna get updated on, feel free to send me a message and we can go into all that. Im a pretty open book, so go ahead and ask what you want, and Ill be awaiting your questions ^^

Thats all the details I have for now. Check back when you think you want to know more. Or just talk to me. zOMG rules.

Well Wishes To The Hybridian Kingdom

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Ambien Dreams Report | 07/09/2024 10:23 pm
Ambien Dreams
Do you have Discord? surprised
Ambien Dreams Report | 07/05/2024 12:13 am
Ambien Dreams
I am saving that beautiful luncable if it's the last thing I do. sad ( Wouldn't it be cool to video call? I also have discord!
Ambien Dreams Report | 07/03/2024 5:25 pm
Ambien Dreams
As luck would have it, I have a Lunchable pizza I'm saving!
Ambien Dreams Report | 07/02/2024 11:30 pm
Ambien Dreams
I think I've successfully not used that before. surprised
Ambien Dreams Report | 07/01/2024 8:23 am
Ambien Dreams
I wish we lived closer so we could toast this momentous occasion with lunchable pizzas.
Ambien Dreams Report | 06/28/2024 7:10 pm
Ambien Dreams
Aw ******** yeah!!! biggrin
Ambien Dreams Report | 06/23/2024 8:22 pm
Ambien Dreams
I'm deficient in Vitamin D too!! I'm supposed to be taking Vitamin D but I can't make myself be okay with the price of ******** vitamins these days. It's also always too hot and humid outside, but I try my best to sit outside on nice days.

With things like a vitamin deficiency, it's better to take every day in small steps because that will overall be what helps and makes things better. It just can't happen all in a week or a few days I'm afraid. I wish so bad it could, and that I could just push a button anytime something was wack with myself and my body, but alas...

I don't think they make it easy for anyone to live anymore, so don't overdo it. Sometimes the things we think are super important are things we can't do anything big with right away. Sometimes we must work in the shadows and pass our days trying to do a little bit better for ourselves each day in every little way, INCLUDING rest and relaxation.

I've had too many losses in the past few years that continue to haunt me. Sometimes reality feels less real with the more I lose. Be kind to yourself. Be good to yourself. For you and me! biggrin
Ambien Dreams Report | 06/21/2024 9:03 pm
Ambien Dreams
Like hell you're going to do tripple time on a body that needs to heal.

It's good to want to work hard and s**t, but the body WILL force you to take a lengthier break if you don't allow yourself to take it easy each day too.

Ambien Dreams Report | 06/19/2024 8:13 pm
Ambien Dreams
Please make sure you stay hydrated and not over do things during this summer okay ily <3
Don't forget to make time for yourself to be at peace after a hectic day.
Izanami Itachi Report | 04/06/2024 5:37 pm
Izanami Itachi
Thank you for purchasing


The only thing I can offer you is Death. But do not fear, for Death is naught but the beginning. So come, embrace the sweet and blissful nothingness, the darkness of despair, the midnite of shadows. Let yourself nuzzle into the bozom of life, after life, without life.

It Is not Cowardly to run away... It is Futile....
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Gemini ftw. The original Hybrids
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