Name--; N/A
Age--; 18

Hello, my name is _________, I am 18 years old, and still a high school student. My favorite topics are art and mythology, I enjoy singing, drawing and hanging out with my friends. Sleep is my friend, insomnia is my enemy so I tend to be on late at night.(Mountain time).

>My favorite computer tool--; My tablet.♥
>Favorite colors are lilac, light teal, cream, dark brown, pink and red. My favorite shade is black.
>I'm aspiring to go to the Art Institute and either go into Catering or Advertising.
>I am known to be very blunt sometimes
>Being under-estimated tends to make me violent, causing me to lash out violently.
>Despite my anger issues, I try my very hardest to be nice.
>I find cyber-bullying annoying, yet amusing. You're over an electronic device, please, oh please, cry me a river.

No one loves me yet :'{

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Street Fighter IV Megapack
Kunoichi Chaos
Oculus Mythica
Mint Sundae Sweets
Mystical Mender
Uncanny Form
SDPlus #235 Widowmaker
Dullahan's Edge
Highwire Veronica
Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups
Silver Sonata
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