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Hey Im Niza. OOhhh big points about me...

I'm bisexual

I'm a pretty big nerd

My music interest stretch from classical to things like crow. (or slipknot if your not sure what crow is )

I would love love love to learn to speak Latin, french, and German. But Latin first. LATIN!!!!!!

Im deeply in love with my girlfriend Alex, she and I first started dating a little before halloween in 2009. And shes adorable ^^
Anyway, I live deep in the suburbia of Colorado, I wake up to collage kids laughing at fart jokes. I also enjoy literature, I have a lot of f*cking books. Umm I love things like flowers, I'm very sensitive, lord knows I'm not healthy. I weigh so f*cking little, my friends can throw/carry me ._.'I don't appreciate the word fag or gay in a derogatory term. I don't have a religion. That does not mean I am an atheist, it means I don't choose to disbelieve, nor believe, I just don't give three f*cks about giving four f*cks. Um...I love writing... A LOT. I'm really shy at times, little compliments or insults can make or break my day...Uhhhh yeah that's all about what I got...message me if your just a prick or you wanna be friends. OH! I'm very paranoid, so please don't take offense if I don't like cling to you first time we talk, i can be hard to get to know because Ive had so many dickholes in my life.

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