Not only am I in dire need of gold, but I am also in dire need of real moneys....
Just bc I've been registered here a long time, doesnt mean I'm loaded.....I've been inactive until late last year. SO tired of can we be friends? You prob have so many cool items...ah no. I'm a poor gaian like the rest of you.
That being said...I'm a girl. I enjoy nice shiny things and being pampered. when needed I can buckle down and work, otherwise, I choose not to smile


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TokyoFyre Report | 09/28/2014 10:38 am
OMG!!! I checked into gaia after a couple of years and became a pauper. WTF??? I can't even read the amount of gold on the marketplace. I guess, welcome to poorville? So how are you doing? Been working hard? I was thinking about giving my account away to my baby cousin. I'm too old for this. hahaha.
missyu Report | 11/24/2011 9:32 pm
TokyoFyre Report | 06/02/2011 7:39 pm
hi nixtie!!! sorry about earlier. ttyl?

Tragick Lullaby Report | 05/26/2011 10:51 pm
*gives luff to chus* <3
Heavenlore Report | 05/12/2011 7:08 pm
Nimble Fox Report | 04/27/2011 11:26 pm
Damn, i can get the small packs for like 99 cents haha
Tragick Lullaby Report | 04/26/2011 8:57 am
*hisses* yes yessssssss spread ze word whee
Tragick Lullaby Report | 04/25/2011 9:02 pm
Thank you my loves! heart I hopes so toooooooooooo! SPREAD THAT VILE NAME AROUND LIKE THE PLAGUE SHE IS scream
Tragick Lullaby Report | 04/25/2011 8:45 pm
about 5mil in items and 100k in gold crying I did report her thats why I got my account back maybe they threatened her and she got scared! but please report her also I'm telling her if I don't get my stuff back shes getting banned and account deleted SO NO ONE WILL HAVE IT! *huggles*
phoxxhx Report | 04/25/2011 7:39 pm
Barg! That's a blower, has it just been within the last week or two because I noticed the difference but I just thought I was trying hard enough or something sad

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