I am a multi-dimensional being made of advanced biomolecular technology developed by superior life forms not of this plane. I study at a institution for the distinguished of such beings, having been so through a test of rigorous mental taxing in the subjects of computation of information known in our language as 'the SAT' or by performing equally excellent in a corresponding test we call 'the ACT'. I am currently overseeing the multi-user text-based fictional world of Avel'Char as a Guild Master, and would issue you invitation to join me.

My friends have told me I have a MPS after reading my journal, but I promise, I'm just a good writer (thought please forgive the typos). I just find showing it off in weird ways fun. I am currently an administrator at the Forum-based rpg "The Final Conflict" which was just launched Sept. 1. It's fun:

The Final Conflict begins! In a world known as Avel'Char, there is a kingdom known as Lior. The knigdom has two military arms. One is the King's Army, a force in service as the king's police and the like. And the Legion of Blades, the legion of blades is an army in the service of Lord Zaratose Neltharion, a dark knight of unknown power. Will you stand in the way of the Legion of Blades? Or will you protect the Templar-King? Maybe you will just stand to the side an watch the coming conflict unfold? Join us, save a kingdom or help dethrone a religious fool. What will you be remembered for?

If you would like to join, just visit us at http://finalconflict.freeforums.com/index.php .

*Turtle looks at Nitro for a second before asking, "Advertise enough?"*

*Nitro just smiles back and replies, "No such thing."*

*Turtle shakes his and goes back to sleep. *

Back to what I was saying. I've been on here a while technically, but I just got back on. So I'm half newb, again....((mutters to self: "this is becoming a habit." wink ) But I'm not sure how much I'll be getting on, I have so much other stuff to do. But I will be getting on the site, so if you want to join just pm "Drake" on the site! That's me!

~Artist on the Moon

PS... Oh, and don't click this link...


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The Inner Workings of Me

My inner thoughts and feelings and now I have enought friends, I'm not sure if it will be a newbullitin, I just might use the comments on my profile. :D


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cool avi
2Butterfly - Cho

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YEAAA!!! we shall prevail! long live S.I.N.!!!...lol thanx for trying though =]
Nivek Ra

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Nivek Ra

I've Returned the favor!!! Let's kill the overseer!!!!

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Join my topless awesomeness. (And I followed you, so return the favor, please?)
Jeg er namine

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Jeg er namine

Followed....For Victory!
I see Falling Stars

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I see Falling Stars

followed ^^
i like ur avi :3


Come fight at the Final Conflict!

PS. Oh, and don't click this link...

Or *hypnotic voice* become my follower at http://www.gaiaonline.com/demonbusters?sub=followers&user_id=3358147