Hello, thanks for popping in!
You can call me Nite, or Saya. Most people do.
I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. I like to spend my free time on Gaia, reading, drawing or listening to music. The Art below was re-lined and colored by my little wolf Lefwyne. (He's got my version in his profile so I'm putting up his. ) He also did the art to the left.
If you happen to have any good suggestions on books, please feel free to tell me. I love to read and go through books at a rapid pace, so I'm always looking for new ones.
I'm a friendly and easy going person, and also a bit of a nut.
However, mess with someone I care about and all that can change faster than you can imagine.

Other than that, feel free to ask me anything. I'm usually an open book.

Art people have done for me:

By Lefwyne
User Image

By Pugnacious Banana
User Image

Oh, the suns going down, the nights coming in
I got a brain for business and a body for sin
So shoot like a rocket 'cause my engine is hot
If you want whats forbidden baby that's what I got


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Report | 06/11/2014 4:21 pm


Thanks for buying.
Nice art.
If you like sci-fi/suspense I'd recommend "Who Goes There."


[img:da233918ed]http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae254/draven1312/Gaia Avi Art/resize_zps28b57109.png[/img:da233918ed]
Art by [u:da233918ed]Ky[/u:da233918ed][/color:da233918ed][/size:da233918ed][/align:da233918ed]