"A graceful and tender embrace."
「ᴇɴᴅʟᴇss ғᴀɴᴛᴀsɪᴇs.」



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Birthday: 12/25



Heya! Call me Suki. It's been a while that I opened Gaiaonline.
Getting back into zOMG! (ノ♥ヮ♥)ノ*:・゚✧

My hobbies are drawing (digital art), Gaming, 3D modeling, watching anime and reading manga/manhwa. On top of that I listen to music, especially kpop.

See you around ~ ♥


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CollarOfAvacyn Report | 09/03/2017 3:31 am
heart thanks for the purchase! heart
mizrule Report | 06/15/2017 9:36 pm
mizrule Report | 03/06/2016 5:18 pm
Hi-ya old friend how have you been 😄
Kaizoku Nekomimi Report | 09/12/2013 1:15 am
Kaizoku Nekomimi
Thank you cat_redface !
Beautiful melody in your profile emotion_kirakira
LilacPhoenixx Report | 08/24/2013 12:59 pm
Thank you for purchasing! c:
mizrule Report | 08/15/2013 11:28 pm
sorry for extremely late reply ! sad its late right now and im tired so I don't have time to say much but, I hope u had an amazing summer and all that fun stuff biggrin I didn't finish the project yet sadly but I will and also happy very later fourth of july! rofl
Levven Report | 08/13/2013 2:15 pm
Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy your item.
Azriel Senpai Report | 08/13/2013 5:57 am
Azriel Senpai
Thank you<3
I Am Just A Prince Report | 07/28/2013 1:31 am
I Am Just A Prince
Yeah, it wasn't the right answer but close enough. Yes they can be hairy. cool
mizrule Report | 07/20/2013 1:36 pm
Aww thx so much that means ur a lot ur one of the best persons I've met on gaia too c: Nothing happened to our pc we just don't havrle it at hand right now we also have no internet so I can't go on with my kindle fire like I used to all the time. And yeah the Sumner Project is for accounting calsd cuz I'm in a financial program thing with my school ugh stupid Summer Project but, I'll deal with it razz thx so much again ur friend, Miz heart