You want to know about me?

Sup, I'm the local loser.
Tired 24/7
I like to play games.
I don't get on much anymore, and because of that I'll be gradually phasing off this site. I've meet some great people, had some pretty good memories and made friends along the way that I feel like will last a life time, and I'm so grateful for that. To all of you who made my time here great, I can't thank you enough. The laughs we shared, the cosplays we entered, s**t posting in the forums, I'll treasure those memories dearly, as I hope you do as well.
I'm not great at good-byes, as I usually always find something to say, so for our sake I'll end it here. Thanks again friends, I hope you all treat yourselves well, and I wish you all fair winds on your journey.

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