.:~*A Bit About Me*~:.
-Call me Ninja, Pirate, or Vampirate.
-I am 17.
-I am female.
-I'm pretty open-minded about just about everything. Except closed-mindedness.
-I worship Morpheus and Hypno (Greek gods of dreams and sleep).
-Of course the Joker is god above the previous two.
-Mind games are my crack.
-I love to learn about anything as long as it's new and interesting.
-I'm that person that tells you random facts about a subject
-I hate it when people read too much into a book/movie/song etc.
-Silver and red are my two favorite colors.

.:~*General Commentary*~:.
-Anime and manga will rule the world. (Or my world at least.)
-Books are the best idea anyone ever came up with.
-The world is fascinating and I want to know more.
-Boredom is the worst disease of all and the most contagious.
-Life is a mystery; get over it.
-School can be interesting though often enough it isn't.
-Procrastination should not lead to success.
-Music is the language of the world; maybe that's why J-rock is so much fun.
-Randomness equals life force.
-RP pwns all.
-Exams suck even if they're easy.
-Yaoi is oh so fun.

.:~*Current Interests*~:.
-Anime: Monster
-Manga: Naruto
-Book: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
-Show: Doctor Who
-Song: We Are Golden - Mika
-Movie: Reefer Madness
-Game: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
-Random Obsession: November 5th

My RPC Kinzo Swood
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By Fannie Has A Bucket


Which Wand Would Choose You?
Pine or Ivy with Dragon Heartstring
Pine- Pine wood is good for all magical workings that demand clarity and preciseness. It does especially well in rituals of keeping and preservation, as well as in diving or scrying practices. In addition, pine can be used to dispel illusions, calm passions, and clear the mind.
Keywords: preserving, clarification, lucidity of the mind, persistence of memory, immortality, light, summing up all that happened, balance, calmness, high spirit, detachedness, soothing, divine rituals.
Wand Description: This wand is strong and precise, though to some extent cold and not very flexible. Good for average-level transfiguration. Can be used to increase resistance to evil or unfavorable influences. Indicates owners interest in history and good analytical abilities. Suitable for dark practices which alter the material structure of various objects.
Ivy- In magic ivy is used for binding and creating exceptionally strong ties. It is also good for casting slowing spells and long term curses, especially those which intoxicate the enemy and take away his strength and will-power. Another important use of this wood is in keeping and preserving practices, as well as in various workings concerning past events (for example, memory spells). In addition, ivy can be used in rituals dealing with shadows and underworld beings.
Keywords: constancy, fidelity, preserving from decay, stop in ones growth, binding, intoxication, tenacity, loss of free will, strong influence of fate, mourning, past, unnoticeable strength, underworld, Persephone.
Wand Description: This wand is strong, tenacious and rather flexible. Suitable for both charms and transfiguration. Very good for creating binding spells. In battle magic, can be used to slow the enemy's actions i.e. to create an illusion of stretched time. Shows acceptable results in dark arts, where it is used mainly for body and mind imprisonment as well as depriving the victim of his free will.


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Hey Hey! Ninjavampirate has just been hacked by Chocolate Parakeet!
Dis girl be ma home boi son.
fo sho!
Even though she's always all scary and what not with her crack-coffee she's pretty freakin awesome.
because we've got STYLE!!!!!! <----you know what kind I'm talking about
and Sylar
we've got that too <3

User Image
Near-Roxas has hacked Ninjavampirate.
Hey Ryuk!
Now that I'm on your page I will know everyting that goes on here!
Well since I'm going to be in college when I'm 9 (...i'm 14...) We don't have much more time togather.
So I'll make up for it by guarding your page with my life.
Even though your a freak of nature!
With your apple eating and no coatness and orange juice after brushing teeth!
Well...for everyone reading this if you mess with Ryuk I'll go all ninja on your asses!
Well.. bye bye Ryukie!


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Big Brother's Watch Log (Stories, Quotes, Rants, Random-ness)

Bunch of random s**t. Read if you wish.



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Chocolate Parakeet

Report | 08/17/2010 8:05 pm

Chocolate Parakeet

Da ********??!! You is online??!!

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your welcomes stan lol mrgreen

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cool avi lol

Report | 06/27/2010 4:23 pm


your very welcome ^^

xd yeh it is

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cool avi ^^

Report | 02/10/2010 6:17 pm


I would just like to say...that was the most beautiful Valentine I've ever received in my life (sniffle) (sob sob).

Report | 02/03/2010 3:29 pm


Hey, congrats for your awesome victory in Academic Challenge!!!! I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOUR OBVIOUS GENIUS-NESS. =)
Saix the All Mighty

Report | 02/01/2010 6:55 pm

Saix the All Mighty

Sure does! lol
Saix the All Mighty

Report | 02/01/2010 6:03 pm

Saix the All Mighty

I think you might like this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mIet3KDkb0

(Fran might like it too after her frustrated note on facebook lol)
Saix the All Mighty

Report | 01/03/2010 8:24 am

Saix the All Mighty

true, true...lol


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