Welcome to the profile of Ninja_Alchemist13
hmmmm to start off about i guess I heart Anime and Manga but mostly manga. i'm female and i am also 5 foot 10 tall i'm chinese (yes very unusual height for an asian), and i love cats my actual birthday is SEPTEMBER 10th not what it says under my avatar error on my friend's part.
uhhhh i should probably tell you my top 18 favourite anime/manga so far:
1)D.Gray-man 10)HunterXHunter
2)Fushigi yuugi genbu Kaiden 11)Yu-Gi-Oh (original is the best)
3) Shugo Chara 12)Hitman Reborn
4)Vampire Knight 13)Gate 7
5)Shounen Onmyouji 14)Soul Eater
6)Hakuouki 15)Pandora Hearts
7)Psycho Pass 16)Kuroshitsuji
cool Gintama 17)Nabari no Ou
9)Shingeki no Kyojin 1 cool Gundam Wing

hmmm what else.... i love Hayao Miyazaki my most favourites from this guy are:
1)Howl's Moving Castle 2)Naussica Valley of the Wind
3)Spirited Away 4)My neighbour totoro
5)The cat Returns 5)Princess Monoke

I'm also a friggin hardcore fujoshi (i only read emotional yaoi angst that makes you want to rip your heart out or yaoi fluff).

Lately I've been watching a lot of shows
1) Sleepy Hollow 7) Haven
2 Salem cool Agents of Shield
3 Criminal Minds 9) Game of Thrones
4) Bones
5) Sherlock
6) Vampire Diaries