I love The rock musics.
I'll respect your music if you respect mine.=D
But I love to draw.But I can't draw well at all.AT ALL.
But hey...I try.
All I realy even like to do is go on gaia. =/
Its kinda sick.
Heh..........but I kinda hate school, becuase I'm realy anti-social.
But I guess for the most part I'm an interesting person.

.........Meat spin! (runs off)


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Danyel is a Brave Little Toaster

I gots a journal! :O

Well I spend a lot of tim on the computer.I like at least 3 hours on the computer a day. But I can be very active if I want to.I've been on gaia for 2 years. My sister is alos on gaia.She is the one who introdued me.


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International Whore

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International Whore


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YO wats good

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s`not what I mean! >.<

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GAH! angelic skittles hacked my account again! I didn't write that!

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I love you heart

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My birthday's on May 12th. <<
He got it for me for Christmas. .__.

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oo! okay ^^

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I'm 14 now 3nodding

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My boyfriend got it for me for Christmas.
-flaunts- x33
Thanks! ^^;
happy Christmas to you too. ^^


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Time is a waste of life.
So lets get wasted and have the time of our lives.