Hmm... I guess you could put alot of stuff here... Well my real name is Allanna. im sort of a social outcast but to be honest I couldnt be happier. I love animals and anime... I also have an addiction to yaoi and cheesy romance novels.... my favorite authoress is sherrylin kenyon <3 and ....ehhhh..... *brain implodes*

“Somewhere someone is thinking of you. Someone is calling you an angel. This person is using celestial colors to paint your image. Someone is making you into a vision so beautiful that it can only live in the mind. Someone is thinking of the way your breath escapes your lips when you are touched. How your eyes close and your jaw tightens with concentration as you give pleasure a home. These thoughts are saving a life somewhere right now. In some airless apartment on a dark, urine stained, whore lined street, someone is calling out to you silently and you are answering without even being there. So crystalline. So pure. Such life saving power when you smile. You will never know how you have cauterized my wounds. So sad that we will never touch. How it hurts me to know that I will never be able to give you everything I have."”

here is a song from fushigi yugi genbu kaiden
it is not mine nor did i write it

life is brief,maiden,fall in lov
before the crimson blood
fades from your lips
before the tides of passion cool
for there may be no tomorrow

life is brief, maiden, fall in love
take my hand to the gondola
press my burning cheek to your cheek
for no one will come here

life is brief, maiden, fall in love
like the gondola drifting in the waves
place your tender hand on my shoulder
for no one will see us here

life is brief, maiden, fall in love
before your raven tresses fade
before the flames in your heart flicker and die
for today will not return

i love this song it is sooooo sweet
and those friends of mine that are new i will help you out ok *thumbs up*

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HI my real name is alllanna baker and my life sucks I love cats and any animal


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whenever I come across someone with a cool username I try to fulfill a wishlist thingy within my budget.
Your profile has something covering up part of your wishlist, tho...
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placid morning

thank you for the buy ; u; !

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looking for pm rp's if you want one it can be anything so if you want to rp just send a pm >.<

Trying to get all of the things from my wishlist. I think its next to impossible.