howdy, hewwo

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you can also learn more about me!

my favorite color is pink. i think im starting to like the color yellow. im a gemini. i like to sleep. i am nonbinary but im not particular about pronouns (he/she/they/them). i have a lovely boyfriend and i've known him since high school. i like to play animal crossing, world of warcraft (retail and classic), gtaV, zelda, and a bunch of other games. i am an introverted extrovert. currently, im watching doctor who and im nearly caught up. i have two rats named jerma and bat. i love my melody from sanrio! currently, im 20 years old and ive been on gaia for a long time. before this account, i was on another but that got hacked )): i collect books and plushies. my favorite kind of books are classics and graphic novels. i also like to read plays.

my instagram!

if you wanna know anything else about me, please ask. emotion_kirakira im friendly!