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Characters I need


The god of sorrow

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Hey whats up losers welcome to my pro xD! Lately Ive been in my own world the one that doesnt give anybody a hint of where im off to. GOSH! im such a douche I know lol, Im just your average emo-punk rocker. I write lyrics, poems and always sad about something that stays on my mind all the time dude. My ex gf. BOO! WHOO! WHOO! But now Im in love again with my this girl met recently. I forgot I also have magical drawing talents and skateboard talents. MY magical fingers shred the Guitar, Electric, accoustic and bass but lately accoustic for sad songs and for slower soft moments but my bass and electric is lately for rage and anger RAWR! thats about it im basically a boring person.
II Kumichou II

How many times must I tell you! im ******** awesome XD!

Fate leads you so far, But... When your there, its all up to your hearts feelings and emotions..

Bro whats next to expect from you