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i constantly search for entertainment.

so there is me:
im short.
im cute.
im funny.
im sweet.
im creative.
im non-conformitive.
im myself.
im loved.
im in love.
i hate twilight.
i hate food.
im NOT anorexic.
im NOT emo.
im NOT a whore.
i hate twitter.
i hate the word "nukka"
I'm a sucker for lillys.
I have NO idea what im doing after highschool.
I dont pay attention enough.
I think out scenes in my head over and over and like to determin the outcomes before they happen.
I over-obsess.
Tacobell is my god [just kidding, haha]
I'm a buddist pescaterian... I think.
I really don't know what I believe anymore.
I dont like to brush my teeth [don't worry, I do.]
I cant spell, but I'm really good when it comes to grammer.
I have fake teeth.
I do strange things in my sleep.
I like to picture screaming banchies poping out of everywere.
I belive in ghosts.
I cry... alot.
I think that you cant get anywhere without a good imagination.
I think drugs are a waste of time.
I think that everything I do is never good enough.
I'm quite fond of big words.
I like creepy drawings and stories.
I still pincky promise.
I really hate what disney has done with themselves.
I apologise for things I didn't do.
I hate the mainstream.
I kinda wonder what happend to REAL music.
I'm always paranoid about something.

but in all..
i am pretty much insane.

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yupp, this is me.

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I made this to occupy my boredem... like this is gonna help...



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F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/19/2009 11:54 am

F e v e r ishly ill

No, he didn't tell me.
And ya, he's a great guy. But the way he acts?
I can't put up with it.
F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/19/2009 9:25 am

F e v e r ishly ill

Ya, that annoys and irritates me. Sorry if I made you angry with that. ^ ^;
F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/18/2009 5:03 pm

F e v e r ishly ill

Oh cool. : D
And no, I think I'm breaking it off with him. ^ ^
I'm not sure I can put up with someone who acts like my ex boyfriend.
F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/17/2009 12:25 pm

F e v e r ishly ill

^ ^ My name is Kassy. *this is embarrassing cause I'm sure you already knew that..... ^ ^; *
F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/17/2009 6:18 am

F e v e r ishly ill

Oh. Hi tharr...? o 3o;
F e v e r ishly ill

Report | 04/17/2009 6:09 am

F e v e r ishly ill

I don't know.... who you are.... o 3o;;;

Report | 04/06/2009 12:10 am


wait, they sing that there?
ooooookay lol
weird, i wanna go now!
i just thought that my entire family can go there every month and just lie and say it's our b-days ahaha

Report | 04/03/2009 8:20 pm


i've been to a roadhouse...u can throw peanut shells all over the ground! ITS SO KEWL!

but i've never seen wat they do 4 b-days, why?

Report | 03/02/2009 9:07 pm


oh! LOLZ

i do dat for everyone when it's their b-day

the birthday song!

at least it's not the restaurant song!

Report | 02/23/2009 4:44 pm


it's ur b-day...User Image

i was saying happy b-day to yas...lol


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