Your name is Nikki. Your age is 19 years old and you are a a graduate.
You come off as a little bit geeky
You reside in New York and used to enjoy watching cat videos.
You enjoy reading and free art as well as animals.
You spend most of your free time listening to your beloved music library or playing on Steam.
You are a Culinary Arts student.
However when you grow up you wish to become a chemist or ACF certified chef.
You make shitty art for fun.
Your favorite color is purple however when lurking in the forums you prefer to type in RAINBOW TEXT.
You have a tendency toGIVE LECTURES quite often.
You like making friends.
However you find "trolling" more entertaining.
You speak in a way that is brutally honest.

What Will You Do Next?
===> Receive a Letter
===> Make Friends
===> Receive a comment
===> Admire your Instagram