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Hey, im nicole but i answer by nikki. id been on this account since 2006 but havent been very active since then. usually on on the weekdays. 17 years atm and on my senior year. i enjoy having time with myself, just alone meditating and relaxing. Love spending time with my friends, doing pranks to them (nothing too serious eek ) and just being there for them when they need me. I used to draw but im not allowed anymore at my hose; they say im too messy.
I LOVE animals, any kind and not afraid of any. favorite would be reptiles or sharks dramallama . people think im insane, id been diving and snorkling with sharks and other fishes but what can i say? i just heart them and think their one of the most misunderstood spicies in the world. Atm questing to buy as pet a lizard, not sure what type yet.

The Basics

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5"2"
Profession: Student
Relationship Status: Single
My Favorites
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Car: Challenger
Favorite Movie: Watchmen
Favorite Hobby: Run
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Restaurant: Chillis
Favorite Animal: sharks
Favorite Store: Hot Topic
Favorite Childhood Memory: All the falls with nice scars
Describe Yourself In One Word: interesting
Biggest Fear: death
Your Proudest Accomplishment: not sure
Causes You Believe In: cancer, against animal abuse and more
Special Talents: flexibility
Where Are You Right Now: my house
Where Would You Rather Be: some friends crib
Place To Visit Before You Die: almost the entire world
Song Played At Your Funeral: A tout le monde- Megadeth