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My name's nikki.
Don't forget it. wink
I am sixteen.
I am single.
I am bizarre.
I like boys.
I occasionally like girls.
I am open minded.
My life revolves around music.
I am quite intellectual.
Ignorance frustrates me.
This is what I look like.
User ImageI have two piercings.
My ears are guaged at zero.
Chances are, I don't like the music you listen to.
I don't have the musical taste of your average sixteen year old.
I also don't have the vocabulary of your average sixteen year old.
I smoke and I drink,
And no, not those disgusting cancer sticks.
I am an eccentric, unique individual.
My disposition is generally cheerful.
I can be a downer sometimes.
I have a rough past.
I like food.
I love animals.
I adore video games.
I am a musician
A writer
An artist
And a photographer.
I like to spell correctly.
I also like this face: >.>
and this one: >.<
and this too: ;D
I can be funny.
I'm a pretty big dork.
But that's okay:]
I'm nice so talk to me biggrin


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