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Hiya Stalkers~!

My name's Vani, well that's my nickname. Most of you know me as Nika, Nikki, Nikole, or really whatever you decide to call me, I don't mind!

You'll find out I don't deal with drama, or put up with it anymore, kthx!

Yes, that's a picture of me up there! ~points~ Do me a favor and keep any negative comments to yourself please~ Bullying isn't cute and I'll just make ya my latest edition to my fireball list~ C:

Soooo I bet you're dying to learn something about me that's fun, right~?

Well here it is!:

~I've been a member since 2003~

~My birthday is June, 22nd, 1989.~

~I'm an avid roleplayer and writer~

~My favorite color is lime green~

~I love Zombies and anything Horror related~

~Gamer Girl all the way~ Want my PSN ID? Just ask!!!~

~I'm a notorious shower/car/random singer and proud to be one~

~I'm a super nice person and pretty down to earth, don't hesitate to send me a message if you ever need anything~

~Taken by Alex Polly/Captain OhConnally and have never been so happy~

~For those who roleplay: I am the proud User of Vani and several other RPCs, if you're ever interested in RPing, shoot me a PM c:~

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Playing: Harvest Moon 64

Listening to: Abcadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

Watching: Eragorn

Reading: HOUSE - Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker


Dedications to friends.

Tari: You are my absolute best friend inthewholewideworld! You always will be my baby sister (Duh you kind of are IRL) and I love you and miss you SO much!

Mu-Re-Ah!!!: Girlie, you have stuck through the very best and worst of times with me, and for that, I do believe you've gotten the title of my adopted sister/bestie!

Saul and Samson: You two are awesome, you know that? We've had our fights but at the same time, we've had our share of insanely derpy and cool moments. I love you guys.

Nick : Betcha' didn't know you'd end up on here, hm? You're my conscious and my younger/older brothers in a twisted sense. Nick, I wish I could've saved the countless crazy conversations we've had since knowing each other, it'd be a pretty epic book.

Ryan: As for you, Ryan, I just have one thing to say... Begel ~dons Kami-Shades~ Bl

{More to come when I get around to it}

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My writings and whatnot.

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~Dream Battle~ Thanks Dark~!

Atariel Tsukai
Venatrix Valkyrion
Sol Arthias Kattis
Azalea de Jeunesse
Hikari Yuuhi
Feilong Pinyin
Freya Nightfell

All avi art below commissioned by TaraTakara!

'Cause we're tired of fighting
For things that never change
So we take our final bow
And then we clear the stage
So bow your heads and pray
'Cause for us it's way too late...
This is who we are today.