Hii! I´m a 14 year old girl from sweden! I'm a really happy person! :3 All i want is my friends to be happy!
I get tired really easy.. it's very annoying if i talk to ppl and suddenly gets tired! I've always wanted to be a boy
Uhh... i dont look like my avi IRL.. I got black, short hair, long legs and grey eyes! My favorite things in the whole world is Drew, sushi, manga/anime, clouds (ooh, i love clouds), horses, money 8D and all my friends! I also LOVE too sing! My hobbies is horsebackriding, taking photos with my camera, drawing and making clothes and such!
I dont like stupid ppl, kids, being all alone, math, swimming, noobs, cybering, liars, getting tired (because everyone thinks i fake it..) .. such! Now.. i dont know what to say... if u want to know anything about me, just PM! ^w^


P.S dont forget to check out my blog! http://niiaochan.xanga.com/