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Report | 08/12/2014 4:43 pm


Nice! Is that the same type of job you're going to be looking for back home?
I'd recommend little yummy treats as presents to go home with! Like shortcake biscuits, country fudge, anything you can't get back at home.
Our Scottish Highland Shortcake biscuits are great. ^^

Good on you! It's her fault, she had no cause to react like that but it's a shame it ended up ruining your night. gonk
What show were you going to see, was it any good? xd

Oh lord, really?! I find it much the opposite, but maybe that's cause I live here and haven't lived in your home town. I find it far more scary being
outside alone in this country than I do in others I've travelled to for vacations and such. Especially London since it has quite high crime rates.
It's a shame you can't bring your family along, I feel the same way about some places I've been to. I'd have loved to have moved to America to
be with my ex-partner but I wouldn't have been able to leave my whole family behind.

I guess that's just how it is, haha. I guess for suggestions I'd say going to the theatre is pretty amazing here in London, I'd definitely recommend that,
also Windsor Castle tends to be quite high on most peoples lists - it's the Royal Families home for the most part, where they go on weekends to relax
and where the Queen calls home. My uncle works there at the moment but he's retiring soon. I'm going to visit Old Windsor tomorrow with Jet actually. 3nodding

I see! Well I hope it goes well, let me know how it goes!

He gets along with the kitties for the most part.. he gets a little too excited sometimes so he has to be supervised every now and then, especially around
Bean who is our new kitty. ^^ A neighbour found her being abandoned on a road so he took her in but he couldn't keep her so she came to us, she was only
around 6 weeks old at the time that we got her. She's four months old now but still quite small so Jet has to be watched around her.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. sad That's awful news. Hopefully he's in a better place now.
emotion_hug heart

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What kind of jobs are you going for now that you're done with your degree? surprised
It's always nice going home after being away for a period of time, plus you'll have the support of your family which always helps!

Ooh wow, how rude! I'm glad that was the only time! I can't even imagine being screamed at in the face by someone THAT mad over a seat...!
Do you think you will miss England when you leave or be glad to be gone? xd Wow, you've done quite a bit of sight-seeing considering!
I've only ever seen Stonehenge from a distance whilst driving past so you've seen more than I have funnily enough.

That's alright, can't be helped but thanks. ^^ Oh no! What is the blood work being done for? Are they checking for anything in particular
or is it just to see what's there? I hope it all turns out okay!

Hahah, that's okay! heart
Here he is!
User Image

User Image

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Well shoot, that was quick! That's great news though!
Are you looking forward to being back home? How did you find England? surprised
Fish & chips are the best reason to not stay healthy, so I wouldn't even worry. xd heart

Aah, just the usual ups and downs! I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis not too long ago so I have
to have an operation and some medication for the rest of my life, but it's manageable for the moment. 3nodding
Oh! I got a puppy, too! His name is Jet and he's all black and very cute. ^^


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About that!
I've been good for the most part! Totally not keeping up with my fitness routine though, but that's to be expected. xd
How about you?! How is everything? Did you move to England okay?!

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surprised !!
-Suicidal x Skies-

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-Suicidal x Skies-

Lovely Ava~

Mrs. Angel 4 Life

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Mrs. Angel 4 Life

Thanks 4 Buying!!!

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thanks for buying from me^^
mery x-mas(late) and a happy new year

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