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Hello everyone my name is Nightshade Blade.
You can call me Anari, Jen, or my gaia name (even make a nickname if you want for me).
If there was anything first people would like to know about me it is that I am very socially awkward when I have to speak to people first. It is nothing against them but I really don't know how to start a conversation. However after that, I can surely keep a conversation going or just be random. Don't like it well, nobody is asking you to accept me. You can simply leave and never darken my doorway again.

I like anime, roleplaying, and video games. I started getting into my first anime when Sailor Moon was around and then it moved on to other anime. Before I knew it, I became addicted to it. I honestly love the art of it as well so if any artists are stalking my page and can draw feel free to do so. ~.^ I might also think about purchasing artwork too so be on the lookout.

As for roleplaying, I have been in the gig for several years. I started out as an illiterate one liner and slowly worked my way up through other sites such as myspace and various other roleplaying forums. I try to stay on here to roleplay but I'm sticking to either guilds or simple one on one in private messages. For people who are looking for someone to join their guild I might be a good candidate to add. My only issue with guilds are ones with families because that breaks off into drama. Anyhow, I simply like roleplaying and I always come up with characters in my mind. My most favorite character is Anari Kain whom I have used for a long time. She has become a part of me to the point where I dress my avatar as her.

Video games!? I love them! Even though I'm a girl, I'm a big fan of games. I grew up playing video games and obtaining a competitive complex when playing against others (in other words when I play fighting games, I button mash! xD). I have been a big fan of RPGs and Fighting games namely for the fantasy violence although once in a while I do play Devil May Cry and Silent hill which are both horror games.

Besides roleplaying, watching anime, and playing video games; I also draw. I'm not the best artist but I am slowly working on that through books and magazines. I have been always looking for somebody with enough patience to teach me. I suppose maybe it is just the self abusing artist that I am but I feel that I do not exactly get my sketches right.

Although I do simple roleplaying, I have gotten into Table Top Roleplaying Games (TTRPGs). I have gotten into Dungeons and Dragons but I'm still a bit rough around the edges with it. I also got into Pathfinder but I have yet to play a campaign. Finally, I have Anima: Beyond Fantasy books well, two of them.

This sums up a short bit about me. If you want to know more feel free to chat with me. You might catch me on towns or in the forums. Feel free to add me and have a nice day!

If your going to add be sure to write the reason why you are adding me.

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