Nightmarish Spawn


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Gender: Male

Location: Canada

Birthday: 05/23/1991

Occupation: Misanthrope

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I am a scatterbrain that's eccentric with a dark acerbic sense of humor, prefer the cover of night over day and am an animal lover. Spare time involves browsing the internet, unlikely occasions I write prose or poetry, enjoying dark reads and creating dark, gloomy macabre art.

Speaks English; Portuguese; French; Latin; some German.
Owns a Taiwan Beauty Snake named Lilith and a Irian Jaya Carpet Python named Nolegs.
Works at Earth Echoes Reptile Center.

Never knew where to begin
Never wanted to fit in
Don't care for you, her nor him
I'm not of this or that scene
I'm here nor there
I'm just in between
Never followed
Never a sheep
Always hallowed.