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ok to begin with I am a hikikomori and an otaku. I am a bit goth and punk. I love acting like a little kid sometimes but, what teenager doesn't? If I annoy you at all just say so and I will stop. I am a very awkward person so I am not much for conversation but, if I am hyper. . . . I would suggest running for your life #D I like anything of the "dark orient" and I can be slightly psycotic. If you have ANY question please send me a pm I love answering ^-^ well I guess that's it XD


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sjsdjhbdlfghg Report | 07/31/2013 6:49 pm
Okay, I bet you get tired of this but I came back on gaia, and you should know me as XxGothHinataxX. I would go cookies and you would go bunnies and all randomness land from there. If you still come online, add me, chicky :3
kablammZ Report | 11/30/2012 6:10 pm
hi there. im looking for an old friend and im tracing former accounts to find her. i cant remmeber her name, or what she looks like all too well because its been like almost 3 years. all i remember is that she used to call me her "nerd" does that jog your memory in anyway? please reply im desperately looking for her
Death by Punk Pikachus Report | 08/12/2012 7:27 pm
Death by Punk Pikachus
Oh wow, i guess we both haven't been on in a while! Kinda sad, looking back... Oh, well. Hey, I remember you asking me if I had a cell phone. Well, I do now, so if you're ever on again, let me know and if you still are interested, I'll give it to you. mrgreen
yandere no kimi Report | 02/17/2012 7:59 pm
yandere no kimi
I am all right. It was 50 degrees today! O: And I get a 3-day weekend. ;D
yandere no kimi Report | 01/11/2012 1:04 pm
yandere no kimi
[ a d z e says --- x. ]

Of course! What other way is there to spell it besides the correct way? (:
Anyway, how are you?

yandere no kimi Report | 12/12/2011 2:18 pm
yandere no kimi
[ a d z e B A B Y ]

Your playlist makes me like, ten hundred kinds of happy. TBM IS MY FAVOURITE OMG.

[ peace love unity respect ]


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xXShadowsEdgeXx Report | 10/18/2011 6:53 pm
Yeah, you're welcome. ^^
prettyxpuff Report | 06/26/2011 5:57 pm
Yes! xd
prettyxpuff Report | 06/25/2011 1:13 am
Amnesia truly beats all.
Hells Lust Report | 03/20/2011 7:06 am
Hells Lust
Your Welcome


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