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My life on a page

hi. I'm nienke, but you can call me apple.

I'm 15 years old and I live in the netherlands.
My english is really bad, but since a few day I decided that it doesn't suck anymore. This summer I was on holiday in africa (it is on the other side of the world) and it was one of my best vacations ever. I saw things I never saw before and I mabe never will see again.
I'm totally obsessed by the character Alice Cullen from the book Twilight.
and ofcourse I have also some other hobbies. hehe.
I love reading (not only twilight, and not only books written by stephanie meyer, but I like Stravaganza too. at least it isn't realistic. hehe xD), I love diving and I love my dog ( I called him HIPPY. I got him before twilight was written so I couldn't call him Seth, Jacob or Jasper... yes, Jasper too, alice loves him, and I love hippie so... xD)
I like watching doctor Who? (yes, that's his name... you know him? I hear you thinking: Who should I have to know? xD).
so. conclusion: I'm totally obsessed by TWILIGHT, DR WHO?, HIPPY, DIVING and READING! btw... I have a social life too. I play THE SIMS 3.
so, that's my life on one page

they call me apple because I have an Green eastpak with an apple on it(I have set on the apple myself)

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