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Working on it.


Cosplaying: Zerachiel.

You may call me Sheep.


Albeit a lot darker looking than I am.

ahem. serious revision here.

I'm Vech, Nic, Laisheep, Fio, NeatoBeans or FiiFii if you like the french poodle approach.

You will just have to talk to me to get to know me... I don't feel that I can thoroughly express myself here.

I'm an artist, and I take my art both very seriously and with a bit of whimsy. I've got the attention span of a gnat on absinthe.


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Genyusai Report | 09/27/2013 2:07 pm
Hey buddy... still alive...? emotion_bandaid
Arxhielho Report | 05/27/2013 8:54 am
-ceiling fan rubs behind your sheephorns-
Arxhielho Report | 11/05/2012 9:14 pm
response to contribution.
II Sadako II Report | 11/05/2012 12:28 pm
Well. I am mighty bored. Bored enough to be in the AF forum, although I can't draw, so I'm just bugging some people I know in there. /read1person. And casually questing art. Ahaha. |D
II Sadako II Report | 11/05/2012 11:34 am
Pfhaha. Could have just bothered me on MSN or Skype. But.
Hai! eue
RADIO MONKEY Report | 11/05/2012 6:14 am
Yes they are :3

Aww that's good, I'm so glad for you!!
RADIO MONKEY Report | 11/04/2012 7:39 pm
Alrighty then Vech it is~ 3nodding yep it should all be over soon :3 (lol sounds a little like I'm talking to a dying person xD)
Ahh yes the microwave ones, they're my biggest obsession at the moment!
RADIO MONKEY Report | 11/04/2012 5:21 pm
XD Ahh so do you mind if I call you Vech? It seems to come with so much weight x3
Oh no! A migraine? That sucks, how long has it been going on? Hmm, my day was a bit boring XD all I did was go to the supermarket to buy macaroni cups (which I can shamelessly say I'm addicted to XD)
RADIO MONKEY Report | 11/04/2012 12:35 pm
Ah yes hmmmm....I'll use Vech! I think it's nice :3 Oh don't worry I'm socially awkward too ^^" Hmmmm....I'll start off with the standard "get to know you" question. How was your day? :3
RADIO MONKEY Report | 11/04/2012 6:23 am
Ahahaha -crawls under the table with you- Yes it was designed so that two perfect strangers can get to know each other under a table XD Nice to meet you, I'm Rein x3