Here we go:
Name: Alexander
Nick Name: Nico, Nini, Alex, Cat
Age: 30 years old
Gender: Male
Location: Washington
B-day: 03/15
Sexual Orientation: Demi/Asexual
Turn on(s):
Turn off(s):
Status: Single
Current Song:
Current Color: Black and Blue
Hair: black
Eyes: Light brown
Skin: Pale
Body: 5'3, light weight, thin
Fave. Drink: Mountain Dew, Most kinds of tea
Fave. Dessert: Cheesecake or Ice cream
Fave. Food: Pizza, Rice, Or Tacos
Fave. Fruit: Cherry, Grapefruit, Peaches and Kiwi
Fave. Vegetable: Broccoli and Carrots
Fave. Colors:Blue, black, green, red
Fave. Shape: Heart
Fave. Number: 42 and 69
Fave. Symbol: ^ or *
Fave. Weather: Stormy
Hot or Cold?: Hot
Ice or Snow?: Snow
Rain or Hail?: Rain
Fave. Song: Savior :Rise Against, Five Minuets to Midnight: :Boys Like Girls, Aim for the Head :Creature Feature, The Silence :Mayday Parade, Jar of Hearts :Christina Perri, Cranberries, Zombie
Fave. Band: Rise Against, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Skillet, All Time Low
Fave. Music Genre(s):Everything but country
Fave. TV show: Supernatural
Fave. Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hot Fuzz
Fave. Cartoon Character(s):
Fave. Thing To Say: =w=
Fave. Celeb: Norman Reedus, Tim Curry, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles
Fave. Sports to do: Swimming, Baseball and Soccer
Fave. Animal: Ducks, Bunnies/rabbits,Tigers(cats in general) and Cows
Fave. Store: Hot topic
Fave. Pants: Cargo pants
Fave. Shirt: Short sleeve tee shirt and a button up shirt unbuttoned long sleeve in the winter and short sleeve in the summer
Fave. Jewelry: Shiny necklaces,and collars
Fave. Clothes Brand: Faded Glory
Fave. Snack: Crackers or chips
Fave. Car: 1960-2000 ford mustangs
Fave. Item: My Laptop, my blanket and my books
Fave. Activity: Being on Gaia, playing video games, and reading, Playing pogo
Fave. Dream Job: Marine Biologist
Fave. Hangout : The Mall, cemeteries, or at the ocean/beach
Fave. T.v genre: Anime
Fave. Video Game: Kingdom hearts 1 &2, Re: memories PS2, Resident Evil, Kirby games
Fave. Book(s): Tru blood, Vampire kisses, Kitty Norville, Resident Evil
I'll change it as needed =w=


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Angelic Headtilts Report | 08/26/2019 10:46 am
Angelic Headtilts
Miss you..
Angelic Headtilts Report | 04/08/2019 7:36 am
Angelic Headtilts
Boop boooop.
Hello I miss you big brother.
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Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 03/20/2019 10:46 pm
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan
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(He is not late, he is standing by it being today!)
~Lovers Lost~ Report | 03/17/2019 12:35 pm
~Lovers Lost~
Happy late birthday!
~Lovers Lost~ Report | 02/25/2019 12:10 pm
~Lovers Lost~
I will miss you! heart
angelic princes Report | 01/29/2019 2:58 pm
angelic princes
nice forum u have about kin. thank you there for im new so it was of huge help to read a little 3nodding
Angelic Headtilts Report | 01/28/2019 7:36 am
Angelic Headtilts
-Careful hugs-
Angelic Headtilts Report | 01/22/2019 9:00 am
Angelic Headtilts
Physically I'll be fine.
Mentally? Honestly I'm not okay.
Angelic Headtilts Report | 01/21/2019 1:34 pm
Angelic Headtilts
I'm alright. I fainted at work.
Just low iron and a bit dehydrated.
Dean VVinchester Report | 01/17/2019 11:26 pm
Dean VVinchester
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Hi. I'm not dead.


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