Hi. :3

My name is..Nickk.

If you feel as if our worlds collided for a reason,

drop me a line.

I'll drop one back.

Before you know it lines will be piercing cars..

destroying houses..

people may die.

Is that something you could live with?

I thought you might say that.

That's why I already counteracted your future think.

You think too much.

Don't face palm(desk).

Or smile.

See what you've done there?

You made a fool of yourself because of your sudden reaction.

Yes everyone is looking at you now, I know.

It's okay though..

I have a plan.

Stand up and slo mo walk out the door.

Pretend your going to the bathroom.

Or just pull your phone out and look at the background

as you walk away.

That always works right?

Well until that one guy calls you.

Man your face was red.


I love avatar drawings.. Draw me please?

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iYumiko made this one for me..
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This one was from ameshinju. User Image


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take piIls

Report | 12/29/2013 8:35 am

take piIls

How are you? redface
take piIls

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take piIls

Hello redface
take piIls

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take piIls

-high fives face- twisted

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crying crying
I understannd! emo

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Omg, How about you donate that "Jacked-up pants" to me redface
Starstrukk Amaya

Report | 08/30/2013 9:03 am

Starstrukk Amaya

Man, I missed you all three days then. xD Or maybe we just passed each other. I'm excited for next year already, though! I saw a few local Cons being advertised up at Artist Alley. One in Lake Charles is closer to home for me so I might go to it in April. Comic-Con is waaaay too far away so I can't go. >: Sadly I'm afraid.
Starstrukk Amaya

Report | 08/26/2013 9:07 pm

Starstrukk Amaya

Oh yeah? <: Did you dress up? I was a Hilda/Touko/Pokemon White trainer. I had a lot of fun! I'm already pumped for next year!!

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Hey wats up wth u now?then y u offline again ,? question

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: heart :chu

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heart chu