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ii Skyve ii Report | 11/21/2015 6:51 am
ii Skyve ii
ll ShiN ll Report | 12/23/2013 6:31 am
ll ShiN ll
orange kaayo ka hahaha
kai 1615 Report | 05/19/2011 3:17 am
kai 1615
cool profile.. burning_eyes burning_eyes cheese_whine
Meegane Report | 04/25/2011 6:23 pm
Thank you so much, niceee!

I think fighting with boss is a fast and efficient way to get new rings and orbs. 4laugh
The little onion on your head is cute! >3< /
I like your avatar so much~

It's glad to have you to be my friend.
Xx_Ayoo_Mary_xX Report | 04/22/2011 10:55 am
xd smile
Xx_Ayoo_Mary_xX Report | 04/22/2011 8:56 am
thxs for buying
Nikita_chick Report | 05/21/2009 8:47 pm
Haha COOL<3 thankss i am too<3 ilu
fearles mani Report | 01/25/2009 4:34 pm
fearles mani
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Zutara_Fan_22 Report | 01/22/2009 7:30 am
Appleheart12 Report | 01/21/2009 10:26 pm
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