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Just call me Nexious.
I sleep all the time. You could say I have a bad case of narcolepsy.
So sorry if I dose off while we are having a conversation, eating dinner, or riding a roller-coaster. Sometimes I get so tired that when I fall asleep my eyelids don't close. So If all of a sudden I'm staring straight at you and I start snoring, don't be alarmed. Just reach over and pull my lids down. That way it will be less awkward.

Another thing you should know about me is that I smell like acorns. Why you ask? Well when I was a child I was born in a patch of acorns by acorns. That is where my human mother found me. She rescued me from the squirrels. Even now my battle with them still rages on. I have now slain 3,764 of the vermin, I would say that I am winning.
There Is one last thing I must tell you. This is extremely important because It may have dire consequences to.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz