I'm my own person . Paramore's my all time favourite band , throw an insult their way , don't expect to run away without a fight . I like what I like . I'm all for similarities , but wannabe's annoy me . I forever shall want to dye my hair , and I'll be forever convinced my mother says no just to make me squirm . I think I'm fat , you'll probably never see me in person but I'm self concious . People tell me not to be and I don't listen . I think I'm going to be a rockstar , and have an awesome life . Then , I'm worried I'll be the crazy cat lady that lives alone , that all the kids 'meow' at . I sing all the time , and I think I'm decent . Well , I tell myself that , I'm sure you'd think I was crap . I pretend I can dance and I always manage to think of 'what ifs' about everything . i worry way to much and I'm scared of true happiness . I laugh all the time and hate when people tell me whatever I'm laughing about isn't funny . I pick up peoples habits quickly and I'm obsessed with music and writing . I realize only about 2/10 people will actually take the time to read this . I don't blame them , it is kind of a pointless paragraph . Then again , people are always doing pointless things, and judging people by that is pretty pointless . I've tried it , you don't get anywhere . Go where the wind takes you and be happy , smile at your enemy's and don't worry about the past . there's always the present to make what you want of it , right ?