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I log on every once and a great while. Change my outfit, get my dailies. But, I'm a fairly busy person. I craft things, draw things, and try to sell stuff of our Etsy Store!
@Monstrositeez. I work on this shop, with my Hubby, Leon S Kennedy Gunner! We work together, creating interesting things, from Doll items, to random cool Fantasy stuff! dramallama

I will post some of my art here and some of our crafts, for those that maybe interested! 3nodding

Other than that, if you want to know anything about me, just send me a PM. I'd be more than happy to chat! heart

Some of my art emotion_skull emotion_bigheart

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Welcome to my Shop! emotion_skull emotion_bigheart

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Buy everything please! emotion_yatta emotion_kiss


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Banira Nekoshiro Report | 11/16/2018 11:17 am
Banira Nekoshiro
Youre so very welcome I am very grateful for the buy biggrin heart
~[f m g]~ Report | 11/03/2018 2:11 pm
~[f m g]~
You're welcome!
And thank you!
AzlinAzman Report | 10/27/2018 12:35 pm
twisted Your welcome xd happy haloween too blaugh
Jujuonis Report | 10/25/2018 6:06 pm
Thank you for selling.
Smiley The Hun Report | 10/25/2018 7:52 am
Smiley The Hun
I will thank you so much~! 4laugh
Ballad of Eternal Sorrow Report | 10/25/2018 5:21 am
Ballad of Eternal Sorrow
Mm! Same to you!
Bijou Lepew Report | 10/24/2018 8:24 am
Bijou Lepew
Oh no not for my profile it's what I am wearing right now : )
Assistance Janna Report | 10/23/2018 1:27 pm
Assistance Janna
Happy Halloween! 4laugh
Fake Vuitton Report | 10/22/2018 8:02 am
Fake Vuitton
Me Moody - No Way Report | 10/19/2018 5:08 am
Me Moody - No Way
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