Hey AmiGoz. I'm 16.Dominican[parents from the Dominican Republic].Female.from The BRONX [of NEW YORK CITY].attend Mother Cabrini High School[in Manhattan].

5'3.Brown skin.Black-Burgundy hi-lites-orange, too.LESBIAN & proud[what does that have to do with my looks?*well, i dress like a male and may even look like one 1/2 the time*].i dress casual with slacks most of the time or khakis or cargos[baggy].i keep my hair in a ponytail or braids.i wear glasses sometimes.cute[so i'm told. because of my smile*style*the way i walk, talk* and jus i'm ME***-)


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The Dairy of a "~*~New Age Stud~*~"

Life of A LadyLover

This journal will consist of everything that's going on in my life at whatever point in time i'm writing in it. I hope to get comments from people with negative or postive input. Anywayz, i jus don't want any bumps in my journal commentary. I hope to



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You should probably check into a person's country before wishing them a happy fourth of July.

I live in Canada, nimrod.


In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and givin strength to continue and endure.
-Heart Warrior Chosa-
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