Hmmm what to tell...

You may know me as the guy on youtube who either offends little babies with his parodies, or amuses the people that aren't little wussies that can't take a joke. For example, the one I made in my multimedia. Note that I'm actually a big fan of Utada.
You can see my youtube account, just click the WWW.

I am an unpublished author who has written 4 books, I love photography, I play guitar and piano. I enjoy all things outdoors, hiking, bicycling, and general exploring of nature things. I make videos because I like stupid humor and making people laugh, and I have cats (hence the name).

And that's pretty much it, unless there's something else you wanna know. If that's the case, there's several ways to contact me.


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Cuore di un Phoenix

Report | 04/10/2008 12:38 pm

Cuore di un Phoenix

First comment, bish. cool