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yes i'm still alive

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Birthday: 09/09


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C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 04/14/2020 12:38 pm
C h i k a r i B e a n
Cute avi!
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 12/12/2019 12:01 pm
Accidental Jawbreaker
Everything put next to your giant a** is small when put in perspective.
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 12/03/2019 10:11 pm
Accidental Jawbreaker
I don't know what kind of cuck fantasy your little boyfriend has, but I know you enough that if you'd be within a hundred miles you would be drooling all over this like a thirsty little slut.
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 11/27/2019 10:19 am
Accidental Jawbreaker
Horse dildos don't count slut.
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 11/19/2019 12:37 pm
Accidental Jawbreaker
You"re a boring a** comment. So has your a** gotten any bookings for pounding it on christmas eve yet or did you stop hoeing it out on Tinder.
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 11/06/2019 10:42 pm
Accidental Jawbreaker
I love you too. How's the wife and kids?
Feystrom Report | 09/09/2019 8:09 pm
Eyyy ******** your birthday
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 05/08/2019 10:23 am
Accidental Jawbreaker
You mean big black b***h. You know I overshadow most niggy's
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 05/07/2019 10:34 pm
Accidental Jawbreaker
Nah, you have all the more reason to worry about tearing tbh.
Accidental Jawbreaker Report | 05/07/2019 11:11 am
Accidental Jawbreaker
Did your fat a** broke something by sitting on it.

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.


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