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beastly badass
R A D I I 7 8

Demons are vicious, self-centered, ruthless creations of Syndel, the dark god and ruler of Hell. In Hell, demons are given the job of torturing souls from the living world without mercy; it's a job that they rather enjoy. They are the sworn enemies of the angels who reside in Heaven.
<--- Buwaro is the worst example of a demon EVER

Demon courtship probably resembles something like this: "I'm a strong, badass mofo, and so are you. Let's have spawn." Not very romantic, but it gets the job done. The female demon lays a large, slimy, semi-transparent sac that contains her child and hides it away in a safe place until it's ready to hatch. Demons often do not trust each other, so it's rare that more than one demon egg can be found in the same place. When the egg hatches, the mother will nurse her child. However, because Demons do not need to eat, nursing is not necessary. Then again, Demons that were not nursed as children usually end up much smaller and weaker than Demons that were. Demon children mature nearly twice as fast as human children for the first 5 years of their life, but despite being such hardy, powerful creatures, demons' lifespans are also a little shorter. However, not many demons even make it to old age, being the violent, power-hungry race that they are... One last important note: when a demon dies, it is permanent. Demons have no afterlife, and they do not just "respawn" in Hell like the souls they torture. The same can be assumed for angels.

Earth demons are HUGE. They can be anywhere from 12' to 14' tall. Earth demons rely on their incredible strength to kick a** rather than magic. They're even worse than Jakkai at using spells, but even the most basic earth spell can be devastating with an earth demon's physical power. These stubborn, simple-minded demons usually don't bother with thinking things through or making elaborate plans. While most aren't Buwaro-level naive, they'd rather kill things and ... kill some more things later. Questions just complicate matters.

Fire demons are strong warriors second only to earth demons in physical strength, despite their typically lanky builds. Their height range is closest to humans'. All fire demons are fireproof and can breathe fire. Although it doesn't actually hurt them, they really despise getting wet. Buwaro is a very poor example of what a fire Demon is typically like; Azurai is much more accurate. Fire Demons are hot-headed (hee hee), impulsive, and sadistic-- they make some of the best torturers in hell.

Water Demons are an amphibious species of Demon adept at using spells. They're the smallest in stature of all Demons, and can be as short as 5'. They are unmatched in their ability to manipulate water in all its forms (snow, ice, etc) by using magic, and are extremely fast swimmers. However, they easily get dehydrated if they're on land without water for more than a few hours. Because they rely on water for their powers so much, water Demons are rarely if ever seen around Demons of different elements.

Wind Demons are intelligent, tall, and can fly, although their wing structures are very diverse (some wind Demons have feathered wings, some have leathery bat-like wings, some have wings seperate from their arms, some have wings attached to their arms, etc). Their magical abilities are unmatched by any other species of Demon, and are especially good at using wind and lightning attacks. Wind Demons sacrifice close-quarters combat strength for their proficiency in magic. They are the most stoic of all Demons, and are very private individuals.

Hey for all you naruto fans.
Here are the Akatsuki

Country: Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 18 Height: 175.2 CM Weight: 57.1 KG
Birthday: June 9th
Bloodtype: AB
First Seen: Chapter 139; Anime Episode 080
Acquaintances: Hoshigaki Kisame, Uchiha Sasuke

Akatsuki Member-1

Akatsuki Member-1
Itachi Uchiha

There is no more complex character in the world of Naruto than Itachi of the Uchiha clan. He is somewhat alone in his own universe, nobody so far has been able to approach him enough to know his true intentions. We do know that Itachi is a member of Akatsuki, and it would seem that he is a feared and respected member amongst the group of missing-nins. His goal, if it is the same as the rest of the group, is to bring back all of the "tailed" demons, from the one that Gaara has in his body, to Kyuubi that lies sealed in Naruto. Itachi is a lonely guy, from what we could see from the few glimpses we have gotten of his past, he spent most of his time alone and training in the wild, or doing missions for the Konohagakure police force or ANBU Squad. It is known that Itachi had one close friend by the name of Uchiha Shisui, but it seems as if this was only because Itachi needed someone to obtain the infamous Mangekyou Sharingan. Cold with everyone, even his own family, the only person that was able to approach him enough to get a smile out of him was his little brother, Sasuke. It seems as if this behaviour was only a mask to hide Itachi's more and more murderous intentions.

Even though Itachi became like this, he had everything an aspiring ninja could want. Very talented from the beginning, Itachi showed to be more than promising as he was the top rookie of the academy and he graduated in only one year at the age of seven! A year later, at the age of eight, he was able to activate the Uchiha Clans special Advanced Bloodline ability of the Sharingan, which is exceptional for one of such a young age, even his brother Sasuke could not activate this until the age of twelve. Boosted with this new ability Itachi became a Chuunin at the age of ten. Later Itachi would be a Jounin and ANBU squad leader at the age of only thirteen. Tired of being surrounded by people he considered as weak low-lives, Itachi decided to test his own strength in a sickening way. He began his evil deeds by killing his best friend Uchiha Shisui, and with this he obtained the greatest technique achievable by his bloodline, The Mangekyou Sharingan. It would be awhile before Itachi would commit his next act, when he would finally let his murderous intents take over.

One night, dressed in his ANBU suit, he began the last act he would perform in Konoha for many years, the killing of his entire clan. He succeeded with no trouble at all, killing everyone including his Mother and Father, the only person he spared for twisted reasons was his little brother, Sasuke. There are many reasons why this could be, one is because he wanted his brother to live a life of suffering, tortured by the death of all whom he loved. Another is because Itachi possibly did not want to suffer the guilt of being responsible for the death of his entire clan, so he left one of them alive. Or, perhaps, Itachi wanted his brother to grow strong, strong enough so that one day he may be worth fighting, his last words to Sasuke were that he was not even worth killing.

The fighting style of Itachi is perhaps the most frightening of all those we have seen so far. He has mastered every aspect of the art of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. His fighting style mainly revolves around a combination of many illusionary techniques mixed with ultra-fast moves that even an experienced Jounin such as Hatake Kakashi could barely keep up with. Itachi's Sharingan provides even more terrifying Genjutsu for him to use, and Uzumaki Naruto has experience it one too many times! But the most terrifying aspect of Itachi is his infamous Mangekyou Sharingan, the deadliest form of them all. The Mangekyou casts off a Genjutsu (Tsukiyomi) that is absolutely impossible to dispel, a technique that can completely submerge the victim in to a parallel world where time for he or she passes much slower for in an instant in the real world, 24 hours passes in this dimension, The World of the Grasping Moon, as Itachi calls it. What really makes this technique deadly however, is the fact that the user can do anything to his victim that he wants, from making him relive moments of his life, to torturing him for 72 hours at a time with the blink of an eye. The proof that this technique is so powerful lies in the fact that even Kakashi has fallen victim to it and remained broken, powerless and ill for days.

Akasuki member 2
Kisame Hoshigaki

Country: Rain
Age: Unknown Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Bloodtype: Unknown
First Seen: Volume 16, Chapter 139, Page 071

Kisame engaged in murder and rebellion in his home country, fleeing Mist he joined Akatsuki. Kisame is partnered with Uchiha Itachi. They have been assigned to capture the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki Naruto. They have attempted to capture Naruto once, and are likely waiting for the right moment to try again.

He has a terrifying sword he calls Samehada, which is basicaly a chakra-absorbing sword that cuts through his opponent's chakra by absorbing the chakra around it. The amount of chakra it can absorb is unclear, but seems to be unlimited. Kisame's Samehada is of comparable size to Zabuza Momochi's chopping blade, but rather than slicing its intended victim, it rips them apart like the teeth of a shark. Kisame is also the only one that is able to wield his Samehada. When Maito Gai attempted to use the Samehada against Kisame, the sword responded by attacking Gai's hand with spikes coming out of the handle.
Kisame loves to fight, and was eager to fight Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai at the same time, but was disappointed when Itachi ordered a retreat. He is fearless, and not afraid to use his Samehada liberally. He uses water-based jutsus and is able to create water from nothing, turning any battleground into a lake, enabling him to use even stronger water-based jutsus. Kisame's amount of chakra is said to be the largest in Akatsuki. Truly someone to be cautious of, if not terrified of. As an Akatsuki member Kisame was assigned to capture the host of the four-tailed beast, an assignment he already succeeded in.

Akatsuki member 3
Country: Grass Country; Hidden Grass Village
Age: N/A Height: N/A Weight: N/A
Birthday: Unknown
Bloodtype: Unknown
First Seen: Chapter 234; Anime Episode 134
Acquaintances: Unknown

Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu?) functions as a spy for Akatsuki, a role made easier by his ability to merge with anything and instantly travel to a new location.[52] He has been shown able to move his body and take part in the tailed beast sealing ritual simultaneously which, in addition to being unique to him, allows him to act as a lookout while the sealing takes place.[15] Because of the role he plays, Zetsu is the only member of Akatsuki to act without a partner on a regular basis. Despite this, Zetsu serves as a sort of superior to other members, as they often report directly to him instead of the actual leader, Pein.

Zetsu's head appears to be enveloped in a large venus flytrap, which can also envelop the rest of his body. To further enhance his venus flytrap characteristics, Zetsu is cannibalistic, and as such he is sent to devour the bodies Akatsuki does not want found.[53] This, in addition to his other roles, gives him the function as Akatsuki's hunter-nin, something that is further exercised when he is sent to retrieve the rings of dead Akatsuki members.[54] The right side of Zetsu's body and face is black in color while his left side is white. To go with this, Zetsu seems to have a split personality, as the black half of his face speaks only in Katakana while the white side uses Kanji and Kana. The two halves also seem to converse with each other, and occasionally differ in opinion.

Sasori (サソリ, Sasori?) is a missing-nin from Sunagakure. After the death of his parents Sasori was left in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo, who taught him all she knew about using puppets in battle.[74] With his newfound knowledge he created puppets in his parents' likeness so that he could feel their love. Since they were only emotionless puppets, his attempt failed, and he left them behind upon leaving the village. Once joining Akatsuki he was paired with Orochimaru,[72] and after Orochimaru's betrayal Sasori took it upon himself to track his movements and plot his destruction. Sasori would come to form a better working relationship with Deidara, as seen by Deidara's admiration of Sasori's abilities.[56] Although the two have differing views of art (Deidara preferring works that depart quickly and Sasori favoring long-lasting pieces),[75] Deidara considers Sasori to be his master until the very end, even though Sasori never appreciated his ideals.

Sasori specializes in creating puppets out of the dead bodies of humans, which is done by removing its entrails and preserving it to prevent decomposition.[76] Sasori is commonly seen with Hiruko, a puppet he wears like a suit so often that many characters can only recognize him while he is wearing it.[77] For battle purposes he favors the puppet of the Third Kazekage, the leader of Sunagakure whom he killed prior to his defection.[78] Because the Third was once a living person, the Third's unique abilities remain intact and Sasori can utilize them at his leisure. His most versatile human puppet, however, is himself, as he has long since converted his body into one. In addition to giving him an unnaturally young appearance, Sasori's puppet body allows him to control hundreds of puppets at once. Since he needs part of his original body to control puppets Sasori has preserved his heart in a cylinder-shaped device that he wears upon his chest. Sasori is able to survive any kind of attack so long as his heart remains undamaged, and he can even use it to switch to new bodies by simply placing the cylinder onto a new puppet. Every weapon that his puppets wield is also laced with a poison of Sasori's own design; the poison instantly numbs the body and kills the target after three days.[79] Despite his large arsenal of weapons, Sasori is defeated after a prolonged battle with his grandmother and Sakura Haruno. Sakura, in awe informs Grandma Chiyo they had done it but Chiyo confesses, that it had not been her to defeat Sasori but Sasori himself. Sakura is stunned but after a period of time, appears to understand.

Akasuki member 4
Sasori Akasun
Country:Lightning Country Hidden Sand Village
Age: NA, Height NA, Weight NA
Birthday: Unknown
Acquintances: Deidara