hey everyone!!
my name is Jamie S. or Jamie T.
dont ask my friends are weird.
i live in Middlesex NJ.
Its a small town.
I go to Middlesex High School.
Im a 9th Grader.
my friends are amazing.
im an emo rocker.
and i have been on gaia before.
my other accounts have been hacked
so i made this one. Nerds_are_Dorks584
and i mean the candy Nerds.
I love Lion King.
im in love with the Disney classics.
not the garbage they have now.

I HATE Hannah Montana with a passion.
and yes this is my HATE list.
High School Musical is gay and garbage.
Posers need to grow up and get with the
People who abuse animals dont EVER
******** talk to me. and no im not
a vegan. my parents WILL kill me.
they wanted to kill me once when i didnt
eat a hamburger.
I HATE people who smoke and drink.

I hate my friends
(were weird like that. for me hate means love.)
and yes this is my GOOD list.
I LOVE Lion King and The Nightmare Before
anything that has to do with Tim Burton.
hes amazing.
The Dark Knight is the best movie EVER.
The Used is my Favorite band of all time.
Tokio Hotel is my 2nd favorite band.
Rise Against is my 3rd favorite band.
I LOVE animals and would never hurt one.
Im very down to earth.
I LOVE Nerds. The candy.
I play softball. im a catcher.
I like to read.
I Love the color Green.
I like to listen to Alternative music...yea thats basically it. =]
And if youve got something to say say it to my
face and see what happens. youll end up
on the ground crying.
Oh and you dont wanna ******** with me.

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User Image
my friends.
lisa,amanda,ashley,bennett,jessie,and me.
weridest friends i have. </3

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Total Value: 60,182 Gold
After Exclusions: 20,893 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Gray SKA shoes
Emo Glasses
Coon Tail
Black Net Top
Ash Hot Top
Green Baseball Pants
GO Player

my dream avatar!!



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Icky Vicky x3

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Icky Vicky x3

I'm not crazy I'm L.

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hey everyone!!!!