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Birthday: 03/06


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Name: Kaioh Michiru (海王みちる)
Birthday: March 6
Sign: Pisces
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Hair Color: Sea green
Eye Color: Blue
Hobby: Violin, Swimming
Favorite Color: Marine blue
Favorite Food: Sashimi (meat strips)
Least Favorite Food: Kikurage (mushrooms)
Bad Habit: Quick to look in her hand-mirror
Skilled At: Flirtation

Senshi/Knight Title: Super Sailor Neptune (Eternal when situations are dire)
Planet/Star: Neptune
Element: Water, the Ocean
Henshin Item: Neptune Crystal Henshin Wand
Transformation Phrase: Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!

Fuku/Outfit: User Image

Attacks: Deep Submerge - A powerful blast of oceanic water that strikes Neptune's enemies with a formidable force. She uses her arms to summon a hurricane of water around her then crashes it forward at her enemies.

Splash Edge - She makes an uppercut to the enemy and a trail of water followed after the punch.

Sea Serpent Strangle - Sailor Neptune brings her hands together as water wrapped around them and took the shape of a snake before thrusting forward and attacking the enemy.

Aqua Mirror Reflector - Using her magical mirror, Neptune can fire a beam of watery energy at her enemies, destroying them or uncovering the truths behind them. Neptune holds out her Aqua Mirror and shoots a water blast from it.

Submarine Violin Tide - Neptune's attack using her violin. In this attack, she used her violin to create a tide of energy that would wash toward her target.

Unique Abilities: Mirror fortune telling
Weapon: Deep Aqua Mirror, Violin

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~Guarded by Neptune, planet of the deep blue sea. I'm the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune! ~


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