I got a lot of names I decided to use Neo for this site. Neo is a Holy Warrior. This is what he looks like at his full power. This is Neo, I drew him. Many years ago, a brave and noble warrior battled the forces of evil in God's name. He was one of God's many angels. One day that warrior fell, but the God of all grace spared his life. He sealed that warrior's soul in his sword, knowing that he would be needed again. Now the time has come for that warrior to rise again. That warrior's soul has been awakened to fight the forces of evil again. Yeah. Thats the background story I created for him. Well, now about me. I like to do alot of things. I am very random. You will know when Im bored. When Im bored, I usually start saying random attack names, quotes, posting random websites,or just start showing random pictures. Thats the kind of person I am. In my spare time, when Im not on Gaia, I will be drawing, playing video games, or watching TV. I will some times work on the game Im trying to create. I am a Christian, so try not to cuss around me, or use God's name in vain. I got a website too, here it is. Its in my journal. Its not really a website (Im to cheap for that) Also, read my journal, it has some Bible quotes, some pictures, and some of my drawings in it. Well, thats about it. Oh, and all picture credit belongs to those who drew them. That's my disclaimer.


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The Chronicles of a Legend

This is going to have my thoughts, some of my discoveries, and any other random stuff I can think of.



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Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

That comment added too soon, my bad.

Anthropology, at it's very basics, is the study of humanity. Past and present.
There are a number of sub disciplines, but what they are exactly varies a lot depending on who you ask.
Like in the U.S. we consider archaeology to be a sub discipline of Anthropology, but that's not so in the UK {for example}.
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

Anthropology at it's very basics is the study of humanity
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

Man, trust me, I've started to realize that.
Some of them aren't as good at hiding their temper tantrums {-coughmylandlordcough-}.
I'm an Anthropology major. People are my jam.
I started out focusing in evolutionary biology, but one of my professors struck a big chord with me, so I'm swinging more towards gender&sexuality and mental health right now.
I'm looking at a masters in Community Health eventually, and possibly going into social work.
What about you? Any plans laid out?
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

I had to be thirteen or fourteen, yeah.
It's been ages. I'm turning 21 in two months and graduating next year. Launching into the big world of adulthood or something like that.
It's weird to think it's been that long.
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

Ha, tell me about it.
Oh you know.
Dubious landlord doing sketchy s**t and making an a** of himself, frozen pipes making me snag showers at friends' apartments, college s**t.
The usual.
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

I stopped coming around for a long time, but I got back into rping recently, so I've been on a lot lately.
Twitter, huh? I don't spend a lot of time on there. I have one, but that's because one of my professors used it for class.
So life's been treating you well, then?
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

Hey, I don't need your sass.

How've you been?
Krombopulos Michael

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Krombopulos Michael

Then I am making this comment here.

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was talking more about the Jesus part but I will check out the story blaugh


Jesus is my boss amen.
Remember the cross.
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