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mrgreen dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama mrgreen
This is Vivian, better known as Pedro....(O. NO You just identified my alter ego eek )
Interests include memes, mustaches, irony, adventure, and stupidity.

Heres a thing or two you might not know:

1. An old lady once fainted whiIe waved to her on my way to school. (God... Is my face that menacing?)

2. My favorite genres of music are alternative and inde.

3. ?

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neonpotatoperson 's journal of pure awesomeness

Hi i'm neonpotatoperson!!! Yeah I know it's a weird name but so what!!! Anyway I'm not so sure what you'll exactly find in my journal, so I guess you'll have to read to find out!!! well make sure to comment me either on my journal or on my profile.


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e i k n a r ff e d Report | 08/01/2011 7:55 am
e i k n a r ff e d
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e i k n a r ff e d Report | 07/26/2011 1:13 pm
e i k n a r ff e d
bonjour, young grasshopper. Armadillos are flamboyant. You smell like sweat and satisfaction. Oi! lieren told me that 'un. imma eat a peach. tot ziens.
all_you_n33d_is_love Report | 09/05/2010 5:59 pm
yeps hey when you read this call and we can prob. hang
aparsec Report | 08/26/2010 12:20 pm
thts not funny! Im STILL locked out!
aparsec Report | 08/26/2010 11:34 am
No. I already did everything and I already have it together with a bunch of papers ripped out. stressed Gr. I just locked myself out of the house. With the only key inside of it. Gr. Can't wait 'til dad gets home!!!! sad
Ukegami Report | 08/25/2010 10:37 am
thanks for buying!!~
Gutenwot Report | 08/24/2010 5:49 am
Hey U How much gold do you have? In the marketplace if u get 2 jelly fish capes one less one more And one of them is for 240,000 think u can handle? 3nodding
butterbean1326 Report | 08/23/2010 12:31 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
ll-Ayoo Kitty-ll Report | 08/23/2010 11:04 am
ll-Ayoo Kitty-ll
Thanks for the buy, I have the Venus Embrace Sandals and Bikini. Do you want them?
need-halp Report | 08/22/2010 2:30 pm
thnx 4 the buy...



I'm not as innocent as i look... BEWARE

わたしは、あなたを愛していますJe taime, Ich liebe dich,Ti amo,