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Birthday: 09/05/1996

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why i'm not naked


Music :3

About me!

Hey! Since you stopped by, I guess you deserve a -hugs- 4laugh
Anyways, I'm 14 years old and I'm obsessed with the following: Panda bears, Anime/Manga, Techno songs, Tie-dye things(hoodies, blankets, socks etc.), Snickers candy bars, my iPod(always seen with it before, during, and after school..and on weekends...basically 24/7), basketball, annnd you 3nodding . I'd classify myself as "unique" but then again, everyone is unique! I can relate with anyone, so I'm easy to befriend biggrin I tend to not think before I say or do something which results in me making a fool out of myself accidentally..but hey, my stupidity makes people smile and laugh so I guess it's alright smile

Interesting facts!
*I enjoy hugging EVERYone.
*I want to be a neurosurgeon or an astronomer.
*I think algebra is FUN
*I'm terrified of : Spiders, Loss of family, Rejection, Driving in the rain/next to semi-trucks, & Being alone.
*I'm a klutz
*Born in the year of the Fire Rat.
*I'm a Virgo. Birthstone-Sapphire
*I'm taller than an average man(seriously..)
*I'm protective.(of people I care about)
*I LOVE Pandapple 3nodding
*I hate drama. I try to avoid it.
*I had a poem published.(in 4th grade)
*I'm a geek.
*I'm shy
*And sensitive.
*I have trouble keeping friends. Mainly because none of them understand me so I don't hang out with fault I guess sweatdrop

Random PM's, comments, or gifts = lots o' love 4laugh

xoxo heart

People creepin' on me

If you get me this, i'll love you forever ;)


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SweetAndCuteDarkChocolate Report | 05/22/2011 9:38 am
You want 10000000 gold then copy/paste this to 10 porifle and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!! it realy works!!!!!
dullducks Report | 10/30/2010 1:10 pm
cool, biggrin and good. ooo! awesome, what other music do you like?
dullducks Report | 10/30/2010 12:30 pm
haaaaaai! heart how are you? sorry i had to leave my brother was being a a**. >.< i like your profile, placebo. <333 x3
Doctor-Who-XD Report | 10/20/2010 5:06 pm
You never came at 7ish
Doctor-Who-XD Report | 10/20/2010 1:39 pm
You poofed whys?
Doctor-Who-XD Report | 10/19/2010 4:46 pm
Please come back!

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