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This is where i'm going to right all my personal thoughts down.



Hello all! My name is Samantha, you can call me Sam for short if you wish. I am 23 years old. I have the most loving boyfriend in the world heart
I'm a total music buff xd and love anime whee
I must warn you though I am a complete clutz sweatdrop , but don't worry, insurance makes up for that xp
I love to write, draw on occasion, read, photography, video games, nature, and to take walks with my bf in the middle of the night 3nodding
I use to have a cat and a dog, but now I live in an apartment where I can't and that makes me very sad. I want a kitty crying
I heart u all and can't wait to make new friends 4laugh


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Lord Daymoon Report | 01/11/2012 3:57 am
thanks for yur help i mean trying to help me sweatdrop sorry i couldnt keep up or even hold my own for that matter xd
Lord Daymoon Report | 01/11/2012 3:57 am
thanks for yur help i mean trying to help me sweatdrop sorry i couldnt keep up or even hold my own for that matter xd
aninscarlet04 Report | 01/09/2012 3:31 am
NCIS Agent Jethro Gibbs Report | 11/03/2010 8:06 pm
my main account is NCIS_Special_Agent_McGee
aver77 Report | 10/12/2010 5:32 pm
thank you for your purchase!
Luna Neiko Hyuuga Report | 07/23/2009 12:32 pm
try this out dis really works! send dis 2

5 people- 100 gold

10 people - 1k

15 people - 10k

27 people - 29k

then press ctrl + w!

when the window closed, login again your account and check your gold amount

Jenzsy Report | 06/20/2009 1:04 pm
Happy B-Day
da0p Report | 12/07/2008 10:01 am
haii User Image
Miss Cheeba Report | 06/12/2008 7:12 am
Thanks for the friend request User Image
PeachesPrincess Report | 06/11/2008 11:15 pm
LOL, thanks!

hehe.. umm, if you change your profile settings in your account.. umm preferences or themes, change your theme to classic instead of modern.

Then under the profile link, mulitmedia should come up. In there you put a link form any site you have gotton music at; i use Playlist maker, it gives code for all different websites.. Then you just click... and it should be added... but if you put other codes in, like for the actual profile theme, make sure these is a box for multimedia... haha. or it ainr't gunna work! haha...

if it's not detailed enough, or whatever... i can give more details!...

well i better be off... ttyl

*PeachesPrincess User Image

" I meet you as a stranger; took you as a friend. I hope we meet

" I meet you as a stranger. Took you a a friend. I hope we meet in heaven where friendships never end."


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  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Cherry Fluff Champion[150]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
  • Outlaw Pup Blaster[167]
  • Buzz Saw Splitter[170]
  • Gnoman's Land[222]
  • Durem Blockade[224]
  • Date Rock[225]
  • Hallowed Ground[246]
  • Ranch Hand[250]
  • Barton 3[251]
  • Ninja Trials[252]


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