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For those who want to know.....

My Custom made profile, made by Arin-Knight.

Hey, I'm Phil
I am 15 and live in Roseville Michigan.
I am in ninth grade.

I am on the Roseville High School Varsity Swim Team for the 2nd year in a row, but this year, I can actually swim in the meets.

I have the best friends. Nicki and Kue. Nicki's been my friend since 3rd grade and we're real least I think we are. I love her though. Not in the "I want a relationship with you" kind of way. She's my best friend and I'd never want to do anything to jeoportize our friendship. I don't know what I'd do without her. I just haven't told her yet. I'm afraid things will be wierd between us if I tell her that I care about her that much.
And Kue's asian. Who doesn't like asians? lol But seriously. I've known him since 7th grade and he's awesome. He's one of the only people I fully trust and respect

I'm not like most guys, strangely enough.
I am one of those guys that's nice to almost everyone, but don't get me wrong, if I don't like someone, I can be a major a** to them. I am also one of those guys that people feel comfortable to talk to. Ask anyone on my friend's list. They can vouge for me. So if you anyone has a problem that they want to talk about, PM me. You can trust me.

I am currently single. Just to let everyone know, I don't like online relationships, so please, don't ask.

Now about role playing. Lot's of people ask me to RP with them. First, I have three RPC's. They are in my journal. They are Arin, Knight, and Haven. Second, I only do adventurous RP's or RP's where we fight a lot. I'm not into the romance and all that stuff while I'm RPing. I like to RP to just get away from everything and be what I want. And last, I don't like doing those RP's where we only do one sentence at a time. I like to do the kind where we have to do a minimum of three paragraphs. That's just how I was taught to RP and I'm not changing.

Now one more thing. I get a lot of PM's asking me to cyber (virtual sex), but I don't do that. If you PM me to cyber, I will not reply!!!

Now, some of you that PM me sometimes think I'm wierd because I want to be 100% sure of everything. That's because I always think with my brain (okay, most of the time think with my brain) and that's just how I am. I do anything to prove I'm right. Plus I also play a mad game of chess. (Yes, I'm smart and athletic. xD) to me, leave a comment.

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OMFG!!!!! Apples!!!!!!!!
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You know, I don't HAVE to tell you about my life, but I do anyway. :D

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