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Hello, welcome!!! cat_whee
I don't know much about writing bios so prepare yourself for what you are about to read XD!!

~ The name's Sarah (Neo Skyrer). You guys can just call me Sarah or Neo. My name doesn't match so, mehh >W<
~ I'm 21 andddd so far, I luv me uni life hahahaha... Engineering is great so far....... kinda hahhah

~ Favourite pastime? Definitely playing the piano and Kendo practice. Goshhhh I couldn't live without kendo and music... the Shinai (bamboo sword) in my grip or even the piano keys under my fingers. It keeps me calm and sane meo CX

~ I'm 5% calm at times and the other 95% well, I'm mostly random so you'll have to get used to that ~W~

~ Oh and video games, I play video games a lot (whenever I'm free though haha)

~ I would be forever thankful to have met many wonderful friends in this life. They are valuable to me and I'll always be willing to help them out. NO. Matter. What. I owe them a lot and they're awesome people!!

~ If you guys want to be my friend. Feel free to get to know me and I'll get to know you. Friendship has no boundaries in this world

Okeey, if you have any questions about anything and needs my help or something, just shoot me a PM *winks*... well depends on the situation

If you want me to whack you on the head just ask, maybe the next thing you know, I might be behind you with a baseball bat or a plushie, depends on the situation ahahah

------MY KENDO FAMILY------
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------MEEEEE HAHAHAH------
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Smile. Don't look so sad whee
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