welcome to my page ^.^ Read if u feel like it.

About me: I don't trust people *other than my family* and the ones I do trust are vary few... like 2. *I love them* I have a thing about the level of friends I have, Got my best buddy's: 2, My true friends: 3, And people I know: too many @.@

Here are some things I like: Gaalee, Nejilee, Sonadow, Dxl, Lightxl, Zadr, Dadr, MmyxNny and Nny/Edgar. *all gay love XD*

I like all music. ^^ but the song matters the most.

I've been having a loving of Jthm for some time now. If u don't know what that means u can ask me, even though I'll be like "u don't know?!!!"

Things I dislike: I dislike it when people mix up the seme with the uke, it's semeXuke not the other way! O.o

Things I hate: I hate people that take my trust and throw it in my face... only happened 4 times but still it leaves me broken and it changes me...

Things I love: I love every one that hasn't hurt me or those that I have forgiven for hurting me and cats I LOVE cats. Most of all the things I love are My family and friends they are my life, I live for them. When I have a friend leave me I feel like I failed...

Things I due: I write story's on Fanfiction.net, I read a lot, love working out, T.V seems like a wast of time *so does eating and sleeping lol* , I make art, and I go on Gaia X.x *but u know that don't u.*

Thanks for reading this... I think... well hope I didn't wast to much of ur life. ^^ ---Neo Loves U All. *kitty* (p.s: I'm bi, sorry to tell u this now O.O)